Over the years, many entrepreneurs have succeeded whereas others have failed. The difference between the two is how they operate their enterprises. To succeed in business, you need having a well laid plan, resources, adequate research, customer relations and experience. Most business persons thought that their businesses would be obviously successful. Success in business does not mean making enormous sales. Growth in enterprises is measured by the business progress and growth.

This article aims at discussing some of the things your business needs to progress and produce significant growth.

Application Tracking systems   

An application tracking system is the most imperative thing you need in your business. At present, you don’t need to work hard. With the advancements in technology, applications have been designed such that you can track the progress of your projects and interact with your staff. Many businesses tend to fall due to poor project management and poor interactions with the staff. These applications include Trello, Slack, Buffer, Mailchimp, among others.

You don’t have to struggle maintaining the records or notes regarding important dates. Some of them have been incorporated with reminders and to do lists to handle you on schedule. They are extremely inexpensive and straightforward to use.

Adequate Financial Resources   

Availability of resources is the backbone of any successful business. Many individuals think that they do not need adequate capital to run a successful business. To be precise, you require adequate capital to venture into a new business. How will you market your business without the necessary resources?

Some of the most successful businesses have a history where they invested copious amount of resources to be successful. Resources can be obtained from credit unions, financial and banking institutes, and fundraisers. What matter is to identify the amount of capital that your business requires.


Most entrepreneurs underestimate the importance of business research. Majority of businesses fail due to poor or lack of research. To begin with, you have to assess the market in terms of demographics, types of business, and the needs. This will aid you to know the type of products and services to offer in that business area. This will reduce the risks of non-performing products.

Market research is also imperative in terms of distribution and number of customers. You will be in a position to assess where distribution needs to be amended and the number of customers your business has attracted. Generally, research is a key factor that a business needs for its growth.


An effective marketing strategy translates to growth of a business. For your business to succeed, you need to spend more on the marketing department. If you aren’t competent at marketing, it’s intelligent to outsource to another expert.

Marketing involves determining your target audience and enticing more customers to your business. Poor marketing strategies have led to fall of many business enterprises. There are numerous applicable marketing strategies. It is crucial to determine those that work effectively with your business.


Incorporating the necessary technology into your business is of fundamental importance. Currently, the advancement of technology has achieved the increase in the use of technological devices in businesses.

You need to invest more in business technology for your enterprise to succeed. This includes automated messaging services, content management devices, and document organization systems. This ensures that the work moves efficiently and customers are served in a businesslike way.

Analyze Your Competition   

If you want to be successful, don’t be afraid to analyze what your competitors are doing. In fact, learn some business tricks from them. Conceivably they are doing something extra to entice customers. Moreover, competition analysis can assist you in planning strategies to eliminate competition.

Bottom Line

Managing a successful business is not as easy as most individuals may think. To begin with, you have to invest more and develop the necessary capabilities. However, the following tips will support you run a successful business easily.

by: Dennis Hung