Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a business woman just starting out, you need to dress the part. Your boss, potential clients, or coworkers will most likely judge you based on your appearance before they actually get to know you and your talents. That’s why you want to make sure that you’re showing them and the world how professional you are. Your outfit says a lot about you. If you come to work sloppily dressed with stains and messy hair, others will think you don’t care about your appearance or the company you’re representing. If you come to work nicely groomed, however, then it shows that you’re passionate about your job. There’s a few ways to dress that will make a positive impression on

Buy a Nice Suit that Fits Well

Every woman in the business world needs to have at least one tasteful and classy suit. This is a suit that can be worn for special events, meetings with the higher-ups, and during presentations. A suit should typically contain three pieces such as a button up shirt, blazer, and a knee-length skirt. This suit should be form fitting without being too revealing. If the suit doesn’t hit the body in just the right way, it should be tailored. A suit that is too boxy or bulky will not look flattering or professional. It will make the woman wearing it look as if she just threw the suit on and didn’t put a lot of care into her appearance.

Accessorize in a Way That is Tasteful

Women in the business world can still have a bit of fun when it comes to their appearance. It’s always important to wear clothes in good taste, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Most suits come in your standard colors of black, grey, and blue. If you want to add some color, add bright and fun shoes and accessories. Alexander Wang for Women offers various accessories, shoes, and bags to spice up your look.  

A simple red necklace will look great against a grey suit. A blue pair of heels will add that pop of color that’s needed for an all white suit. You never want to wear anything too crazy that will take away from your appearance. Always keep accessories whether they’re bags, earrings, or necklaces within a certain size. You don’t want your look to distract from your work.

Adhere to Rules, Acceptable Clothing While at Work

Before you stock your wardrobe, make sure you know what is and is not acceptable. Most workplaces have rules regarding length of skirts and dresses, how much cleavage can be shown, and which piercings and accessories are acceptable. If you don’t adhere to the rules of the workplace, there’s a chance you could be sent home. Not only is that embarrassing, it looks bad on you as a worker. Adhering to the rules not only makes your appearance look neater, it shows that you are respectful of the company.


Overall, how you look at work has a direct impact on your work performance. If you come into work each day looking frumpy, chances are you won’t feel to great. Your confidence will be lowered which will in turn affect your overall work performance. If you come into work, loving how you look and feel, then chances are that you’ll perform better. Not only does the way you look impact you, it impacts those around you. A company wants to uphold a certain image. They do this by having a high level of standard for all employees. Therefore the way you look is a direct reflection of the company that you work for since most people are the faces of the business.                                                                                                                                                                                                             By: Dennis Hung