We are bringing you information about the prank that was made by the Israellycool website about Rowan Atkinson`s conversion to Islam. This is what they have to say about that: 

Atkinson’s agent denying he converted to Islam.

“My Batsh*t Crazy Claim Of The Day: Rowan Atkinson Converted To Islam” post has quickly become perhaps the most “popular” Israellycool post ever. Traffic has gone through the roof. Tens of Muslims have ‘liked’ our Facebook page. And despite the title and content of the post – in which I clearly point out why the claim is ridiculous – thousands of Muslims around the world have shared, retweeted and linked to the post, as evidence that Rowan Atkinson has converted to Islam! (here is one example)

I guess they will believe what they want to believe.

Meanwhile, no word from Atkinson himself because – as I have made clear – the claim is almost certainly false.

The question is, why did the anti-Israel site start the rumor?

I think I missed this due to the poor auto-translation, but this next video seems to make it clearer: there seems to have be a photo of Atkinson holding his finger up, which is apparently something called the shahada finger. It just looks to me like Atkinson telling someone off, or any number of other things.


So Muslim readers, feel free to believe what you want and even spread our blog post to all and sundry. But know we do not believe for a second Rowan Atkinson has converted to Islam.

Having said that, I am glad you have all come to Israellycool. Please feel welcome to have a look around, and engage in some dialogue. Perhaps we can bring some world peace, together!


  1. It’s funny when I find comments from some people criticizing the prophet, peace be upon him, because he had many wives. If they read the Bible, they will find that almost all prophets had many wives. The comments are specially funny when it come from people who – in majority – have almost no rules for mating, happy with single wife, but I bet they don’t know how many other women they slept with on one night stand bases, or FWB or NSA or whatever they call it.. seriously ironic, what’s more honorable for a woman? Being a wife in equal polygamous relation? Or being a one night pleasure for a different man every day?
    Short, loud and clear, Islam must be recognized as a bad religion, when judged by people who want to get drunk, get laid uncontrollably, trade white slavery, get drugged. It must be bad for those who wanna see naked women in glass windows with price tag, rather than being modest and preserved like Virgin Mary for example.
    I’m being very general, most of non-Muslim’s are good, the problem is, money and power is with other people, Jack Daniels and Philip Morris for example.
    Love it, or don’t, Islam is the last, and the only pure message from god to mankind, the oneness or the Quran itself, is a proof of authenticity.
    Love it, or don’t, much more women are converting to Islam than men, I think the reason is obvious, despite all the non-sense of woman oppression in Islam, many women realise that’s not true, in fact, they r much more honored as being Muslim’s.
    Solve this small problem, in Toronto, where I live, there are at least 100,000 more women than men, instead of adultery and prostitution, Islam proposes multiple wives (limited to 4, equally treated) solution, so these women can meet their physiological and psychological needs in a manner full of dignity. You, critic of Islam, what’s the solution you propose for this problem?? Russia has worse numbers even, 100 women for every 88 men.
    May Allah guide us all.

  2. Dear Mathematics and other Islam haters. Do not say anything negative about Islam or our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) when you have not studied thoroughly about them. Dont pick one or two facts and come to a conclusion. That is not wise. I CHALLENGE you to study the Holy Quran and read the full biography of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) thoroughly – find out why he has many wives and why he fought many battles – then express your views. Dont just read a thing or two from any crap and pass your verdict. That is not wise.

    Dear Non Muslims, fyi, one of the things that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said to the Muslims was: “be fair to the non muslims for otherwise I will come in their defence at the Hereafter”. Do you know this? I bet you dont. And many many other incredible messages. If he was such a bad person, why did Islam spread like wildfire during his time? If you claim that it was by force, then who can force the then powerful King Negus and the others to convert to Islam? So open up your mind. Read and learn about all these facts and the history of Islam. You see, BMW is a great car, but if driven by a maniac, it will crash. You dont blame the car but the driver. Same goes for Islam. It’s a great religion, but just because a handful who did crazy things in the name of Islam, dont judge it as a hatred religion.

    Nothing makes a man wiser than knowledge i.e true and factual knowledge. So study. Thank you.

  3. Muhammad is a bastard who has 16 wives while he lived which one of them is a SIX year old girl. So if you were tell me that he is a prophet of God, I would highly doubt it as he probably had more leisure time with his wives than any other prophet of God does. Muhammad has a sword too which he used it often, and you want us to believe Islam is a religion of peace??? That bastard killed a lot of people in those times and probably encouraging his followers to do the same today. So yea, do the Math. 🙂 Ps. This is just a few ”highlights” of him.

  4. The real concept of PEACE, RESPECT AND LOVE for HUMANITY has only been given by the ISLAM. Its like…. the sun shines the whole day and provide daylight but a blind will always claim that there is no sun…. what will be your comments on such BLINDS who are deprived of the wisdom to admit the reality of ISLAM which is the last CODE, RELIGION and MESSAGE OF THE CREATOR OF HUMAN BEING Who introduces Himself as “ALLAH”. When, the people will not seriously and logically study QURAN and ISLAM with its real and prospective aspects with a neutral mind, keeping aside all his Likes or Dislikes about Islam and SINCERELY HEARTIEST PRAY TO HIS ALMIGHTY GOD (ALLAH) WHO IS THE BEST CREATOR AND THE MOST MERCIFUL TO HIS CREATURES ESPECIALLY “THE HUMAN BEINGS”, THAT …… O My God, please bless me and guide me to THE TRUE PATH OF LIFE, THE PATH OF WHOM YOU REWARDED BUT NOT OF THOSE WHO FALL PREY OF HIS ANGER AND SO BECAME LOST IN THE DARKNESS FINDING NO PATH OR WAY OUT (EXIT) THEREOF ……. Then….. he must read the Holly Quran very carefully, (mean to say…. Arabic translated into English, Urdu or any local language easily understandable to him) very minutely by understanding. Then, I am very much sure that Allah will accept his SINCERE AND DEVOTED REQUEST/PRAYER and then HE WILL ULTIMATELY LEAD HIM TO THE TRUTHFULLNESS OF ISLAM, WHICH LEADS TO HIS CLOSENESS AND FINALLY TOWARDS HIS COMPANIONSHIP. This text is for whom, who are in search of their REAL MASTER WHO CREATE THEM FROM THE SPERM, BLESS A NEW LIFE ON THIS EARTH AND FEED THEM TILL THEIR LAST BREATH irrespect of the matter …. whether someone worship Him or not because He is not dependent of our Worship, but it is just for the sake of our own benefits not only in this Worldly LIFE but also in the LIEFE thereafter. Please try to understand, if you have a little bit of wisdom and mind to apply to discover this REALITY and follow it. In the end, I will pray to my Almighty Allah with my weeping heart, “Please Bless the HUMANITY with Your mercy which is unlimitted, those Human Beings who are desirous for seeking Your LOVE and MERCY….. MY ALMIGHTY ALLAH KAREEM…. I hereby Prase you with all of Your Beautiful Attributes which keep no ends and unlimited Darood-e-Pak upon your Beloved and Last Prophet “HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (PEACE BE UPON HIM AND HIS FAMILY) to Bless us with your Guidance towards the REALITY OF ISLAM (Ameen…..)

  5. Islam and our prophet teaches us about humility,and non muslims just shut ur mouths,Allah will never forgive u people’s.I just suggest u that u all have to accept the islam,and pray to the Allah for the forgiveness of your sins..otherwise u shall meet with hell fire

  6. All the non-muslims out there… Islam is a true religion and Allah is the one and only God and Mohammad (PBUH) is his last prophet… The people out there who are non Muslims… Accept Islam and Pray for the forgiveness of your sins…. Otherwise you shall meet disaster and hell fire…surely there is a life after death….may Allah show us the right path…Aameen….

  7. Why Rowan Atkinson? Out of all people…sometimes I just do not get get it.

    I personally do not hate Jews, their are ultra orthodox jews that are good to the palestinians but its the fanatical zionist of europe who are ethnically cleansing Gaza. Its made worse by the fact that these very same people had the Holocaust and experienced Germans killing Jews as they felt they were superior. Now Isreali jews feel they are superior as the ‘chosen ones’ and kill Gazans and Palestinians off like rats.

    If Jews are the ‘Chosen ones’, why would God Jews choose them? Why would God choose to exclude 6 billions others? Specially as we do not choose our race. If its due to Monothesim, Islam is more monotheistic. Current Jews in Isreal drink alcohol, naked on beaches, club etc, when I look at them, I just see them similar to when Moses returned from the mountain with his Commandments from Yahweh. All the hebrews had turned away from their religion except for a few. So Yahweh punished them. I have a feeling Yahweh will do it again, they are heedless.

    Also Jews are capable of sinning and being punished. For example when Joseph (peace be upon him) brothers throw him in the well. It was psychopathic act. Yahweh found away of helping Joseph. He had forgiven them according to the Bible (which I doubt because the bible is inherently flawed as their are 72 versions of it). The point is Jews are capable of doing wrong like what they are doing the Palestinian. Arabs generally have not persecuted tge Jews unlike the Europeans, yet Jews take their anger out on Arabs. How ridiculus is that?

    Please do not give the lame excuse that its because of the rockets, as the rocket has not killed any jew, yet you guys kill hundreds of people. You guys are not the chosen ones, you are not humble enough. You force prophecies to happen, you guys had to wait for a Messiah before creating Isreal, but guys went ahead anyway. Do you not trust that Yahweh would send you a messiah and create Isreal? You guys were impatient. I believe that means you did not trust god and had weak faith. peace

  8. it is fact that islam is areligion of peace.thousands of peoples becoming muslims and very rare example that a muslim converted to other relijion.so it is advice to all peoples to study basic book of islam (quran)and sayings of prophet Muhammad and then decide or make opinion about muslims.current media is totally in control of anti islamic lobby.so dont go with media propaganda.try to get facts.I dont know Mr been become muslim or not but i am sure he must think about it even the news is fake or not.

  9. I am saying this to Non Muslims . Hey mad guys you don’t have brains . Rowan Atkinson will never turn into Islam he Mr.Bean is mad and his stupid name . So my Islam brothers and sisters don’t believe such fake things . I think you will believe me . Salam

  10. Hey Muslims why are you all arguing ? It’s good for beany if he turned into a Muslim but if he has not then who cares? Do not kill your peace of mind for any Jewish crap ! They don’t have anything else to do but blame Muslims !! They will burn in their own fire for doing bad with innocent Muslims

  11. dear ladies and gentelmens i,m a muslim but i just want to know why are we making diffrence among us just have patience and e humble for one another what atinkson do its his personal opinion we should not comment on each other just get toghether god bless alll of uss

  12. its atkinson’s personal matter. why should we bother ourselves. i haven’t seen a single line in any religious book that asks people to cause harm to others. good and evil is inside you, don’t blame religions. everybody stay calm, its not a matter of international importance their are other serious problems, we need to solve. THINK!!! 🙂

  13. its atkinson’s personal matter. y should v all bother ourselves! no religion teaches hatred. i haven’t ever seen a single sentence n any religious book asking ppl to kill each other, b violent or cause any other harm.

  14. I’m a Muslim myself, and to be honest with you guys, I don’t even care if Rowan became a Muslim or not. If he did Allah bless him, if he didn’t, well, may God forgive him. What I do care about though is why nobody but Christians hate Islam. Those hypocrites that say Islam is a religion of hate, violence and all that. They say the Qur’an is filled with garbage and hatefulness. Read the book in translation beginning to end. You can obviously say that no human could write this book, and that only God could. Read the bible from beginning to end and you can probably say part of it is written by man, so why believe it? Anyone could make up the religion (no offense) and write what they want in it. And Christians, when you say Islam is a ‘hateful’ and ‘violent’ religion look at your own religion then talk. All we want is peace, and you can’t give just that? What countries do we bomb daily? When do we curse other religions? All we do which involves you in it, is that we pray for you, for everyone and everything in this world, and hope you have a good life in this world and the next. More people convert to Islam then any other religion. Read the Quran translation.

  15. Lets get something straight here…muslims around the world are not running from their countries but the terror that has emerged in their countries by the Americans n British…first of all the holy Qur’an does not teach hatred n killing…pls read the Qur’an again…ppl have got the wrong end of the stick about muslims…it only takes one to make a whole community look bad…but if I go back about other religions this will go on forever…if Islam was that bad ppl would not b converting into such religion…and as it stands ppl should look at their own religion and see what’s happening and then talk…but I’m not going to waste my time on extremists like you.

  16. It was a news which at least made me see updated pics of Rowan Atkinson, If muslims fell for it, then no need to blame them since after all they follow a religion of peace and truth, so that being said they do expect others to be truthful too, unlike people or the sect of people who started this prank 🙂
    Psychologically analyzing this prank, well, “A Businessman tries to find and spread business jokes, a warrior spreads, “warrior jokes” and ah, well, “Clown find funny characters and genre to spread their class of clown jokes”? . Have a nice day. 🙂

  17. Salam

    I am Muslim and Albanian and islam is for me the best religion it teaches me not to stole to hurt anyone … So to be a good person and that s why i love Islam. I love America because they helped us ( Albanian). Even if I don’t like Russians and Israelis I tolerate them. So everybody tolerate each other.
    This message is addressed as well
    to Muslim as to non muslim

    • Most muslims cannot understand the Quran as they do not speak Arabic, whereas many people who hate islam, hate it because they have studied it and found it to be an oppressive religion of hate.

      • That’s because they’ve read it from a biased perspective. The same could be said about some of the things in the Bible. They are quite controversial. To truly understand the teachings of a religion, you need to set aside your bias and look at it from the mind of a true atheist. Its your choice of course. But it doesn’t make sense to read a religious text for the sole purpose of finding things to hate in it. And this is what is happening today. Everything you find oppressive and hateful may cease to be so if you read it in the proper context. Peace out.

  18. Proud to be a MUSLIM (MashAllah) and my ISLAM welcomes every one in the heaven and the peace. . . ^_^
    there are many celebrities who have converted in ISLAM so its not a big matter that “Rowan” is Muslim or not, if he has converted his religion then he is a Mindful man. We welcome and he take a good step for his Falah(well being) and benefaction for his life in hereafter anyway that day is not so far when ISLAM spread all over the world (InshAllah)

  19. muslim here
    both religions taught peace, kindness etc
    but the people sometimes dont do what they are told.
    once we go back to how we should be, will we find peace
    PS:please give the palestinians their homes back, they were there first.

  20. Well the thing is that no one should be allowed to make fun of any religion. And yes, israel has crossed the limits of torture can be inflicted upon Palestinians.
    Let’s do to israel for one day what they have been doing to Palestinians for all these years and then ask them how thy feel …..

  21. What if it was set up and he has really converted to islam?
    What if they areee lying?
    If they are then they trolled us
    also if they did then they are lying and hey should know it won’t make their lord happy.

  22. just because you’re afraid of islam doesn’t mean that you have the right to say that muslims are ridiculus.
    and you may not see it but islam has start to spread all over the world and your bullshit won’t change anything 🙂

    • The ‘ridiculous’ refers to he claim, not islam. Why are you moslems so defensive? Nobody is scared of islam. All religions teach good things and be kind to others I believe, so I think you should reflect that. If you say that islam has spread over the world then it should bring peace, not hatred as you indicate in your writing.

    • fear and personal feelings aside, a good knowledge of Islam is enough to know how ridiculous it is. Muslims themselves are immigrating allover the globe to escape their Islamic countries, not really a good argument for Islam.

      • oh really? i think not. they recruit Muslims because they are hard working and intelligent. dont u see (or u hav no eyes) on wt basis america is killing innocent children,women and aged people by drones in Muslim countries?? is it not a terrorism (or u hav no mind to think)? let ur children or family be killed by drone then see…