Manhood is a matter of perception. However, an ordinary man can become extraordinary by committing to a higher purpose. You can readthe following books to find your objective of life:

  1. The Giver

This novel is the best piece of literature that still resonates in the present because it shares an energetic story of a hopeless person. He tends to live by the rules of the society. Everybody uses this boy to achieve unethical goals. However, nobody really cares about the wellbeing of an adolescent who commits to the objective of social service. Instead of respect and admiration, he finds hatred and resentment. He reinvents himself to become strong and firm. This novel touches the hearts of suppressed males around the world who need a spark to reignite their passion for living happy and satisfactory lives.

  1. Steve Jobs

            Steve Jobs does not live a normal life. He also does not follow social norms. He creates his own way of life. Steve’s personality is based on the concept of listening to his inner voice. He considers the voice of heart as the purest form of influence that can turn into an emotional drive. Steve Jobs’ life is a single piece of inspiration that can immediately uplift your spirits. Steve emphasizes the value of taking initiative. If you do not practically respondto your inspiration then you waste an opportunity to experience growth and development. Inner voice is nothing if you do not act on its guidance. However, if you notice its guidance then you are bound to discover wonders in this world.

  1. To Kill a Mockingbird    

This novel integrates different facets of human behavior into one comprehensive novel. The writer knits together a story that involves various dimensions of the society. He also identifies the process that transforms individualistic behaviors into social values. The main argument of the book establishes the fact that every emotion represents a unique color in the social painting. In other words, we cannot appreciate happiness without the presence of pain. We do not understand love if there is no hate in the world. Every emotion is necessary to understand the truest meaning of life. Continuous evolution is the essence of living according to this text.

  1. The Call of the Wild

This novel records an energetic story of a dog that is undermined due to intensive combat of survival in the streets of Santa Clara. He goes through significant changes in his social life. He is sold to a cruel master and therefore, the creature soon lives the life of an orphan in the open. He learns and adapts extensively to the new environment. Soon he develops strength to dominate his competition and therefore, he emerges as an undisputed leader in the animal kingdom. With the passage of time, he establishes the rule of justice in the animalistic society. This is a great story to follow. This book educates us about our potential to change the world by taking concrete actions.

  1. White Teeth

This text challenges the racial social environment of London. White skin is the essence of social supremacy in the city. However, some factions of the society do not accept the popular culture of respecting one’s color. The political struggle soon begins between whites and blacks to seize administrative authority. This story challenges the presence of social and political injustice that drives people towards criminal activities.

  1. The Fortress of Solitude 

This book presents the story of a lonely person who refuses to become a part of the corrupt society. The central character of thisbook does not understand sexism and he also does not value accumulation of wealth as a primal goal of his life. The hero wants to create his own perfect world that should be cleared from all the hate and selfishness. He submerges into the world of arts and creativity in order to express his frustration. The outside world does not leave the isolative person alone after all.

  1. Infinite Jest

            This work conveys the value of balance in our lives. There is a dysfunctional family that wants to enjoy all the time. However, they have sufficient money to fulfill their present needs. The family does not make any effort to earn fresh lot of financial wealth and therefore, the domestic unit becomes fiscally weaker.  After some time, they have to sell their belongings to keep their amusement ongoing. Finally, they take on begging as a profession to meet their daily needs.  This work suggests that humans should always set their priorities straight to live respectfully.

  1. Less than Zero 

This book discusses the condition of a generation that loses sense of morality under the influence of sex and narcotics. The youngsters make money by any means to sponsor their activities. However, the entire generation lives in the streets on day to day basis. They do not have any objectives in their lives. They just continue to drift from one corner of the city to another in search of new girls and drugs. The group is considered as insignificant because it does not have any ethical sense altogether.

  1. High Fidelity

A failing pop music artist finds his passion for his work. He buries himself into his profession to minimize his emotional pain. However, he discover wonders in his work and therefore, he goes deep into his profession to create high quality music. He becomes famous and wealthy. The world appears attractive and beautiful to his eyes again.

  1. Freedom

            This work explains the pains of pleasures that liberal societies experience. The book discusses an environment of the society that embraces liberalism to such an extent that entire social system starts to break.  Families start to crumple. Unemployment increases because nobody wants to pursue any type of career. Everybody looks to make quick money.


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