Selfies are pictures you take of yourself so you can portray yourself perfectly. Selfie craze has been expanding .It is like technology to explore yourself or like a syndrome. Our love affairs with selfies keep on growing. We take them everywhere from the gym to our grandmother’s funeral.

Humans have long demonstrated an interest in self-exploration. Trying to figure out who we are and what we are about is a distinctly human pursuit for almost everyone, whether you are trying to find greater consciousness or figure out what moved you to buy the blue shoes. Women are more addicted than man because they are more conscious about their beauty, they want to portray themselves more accurately from every angle.

Social media is playing a role in developing more interest  for selfie’s,as we take lots of selfie’s,upload them on facebook,instagram and other social networks. Selfie’s is like a democracy. Selfie is an extension of modern narcissism .it feels like camera is staring at me, exhibiting my realities then we poses with an inflated sense of self that allows them to believe that our friends will truly like our photos. It is like looking in the mirror all day long and letting others see you do it. People with selfie syndrome suffer with family relationships. Modern youth is highly victimized with selfie as they love more themselves, people more conscious about status, likes etc, they just want to portray themselves in attractive way all the time.

Taking selfie is also a positive way of reinforcing a personal image on any social network. They offer the opportunity to show facets of yourself. Selfies clearly identify a passion that reinforces our social identity. Selfies can be more about the context than the self, such as an artistic expression of fashion or photographic technique. Selfies offers to create life narratives .It is like  a revolutionary phenomena by which we gather autobiographical information about ourselves and our friends.


By: Arooj Fatima