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Scope of Engineering as a Career in the UAE

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The UAE is one of the fastest growing regions in the Middle East and engineering is one of the most flourishing sectors. The demand for engineering services is increasing across industries further resulting in increased demand for highly skilled and talented engineering professionals. The scope of engineering jobs in the UAE has evolved to a great extent in the last few decades. With an aim to create a more diverse economy that is not solely dependent on the oil and gas sector, governments of various countries in the region have made significant efforts for promoting and developing other sectors such as real estate, construction, banking, information technology, etc. As a result, more avenues have opened up for the job seekers.

Over the years, employment opportunities for engineering professionals across different sectors have also increased. Outlined below are a few engineering fields that offer great employment prospects in the UAE. Have a look:

  1. Petroleum Engineers:
    Petroleum is one of the most precious resources as humans are heavily dependent on it. The availability of this natural resource in abundance is one the major reasons behind Arab nations being so rich and wealthy. Petroleum sector offers lucrative career opportunities, especially for petroleum engineers. Extracting petroleum is a crucial task and requires highly skilled and experienced engineers capable of improving the petroleum extracting process and techniques. The demand for Petroleum Engineer is high and if you have the required skills and experience you can expect an annual median salary of AED 291,346 in the UAE.
  1. Chemical Engineers:
    While petroleum engineers are responsible for extraction of oil, chemical engineers are responsible for making the extracted oil into a usable product. A chemical engineer’s major job in the petroleum industry involves treating and purifying the extracted petroleum. However, the scope is not limited to just this one industry. Their knowledge and expertise are used in the research and development of new products for fields such as energy storage, nanotechnology, etc. The median salary for a chemical engineer in the UAE is AED 146,939.
  2. Software Engineers:
    Information Technology has taken the world by storm and the UAE is no exception. Today, more and more businesses are focusing on simplifying the lives of the people. Software engineers apply their knowledge of engineering to develop useful software for this purpose. The major responsibilities of software engineers are to test, design, develop and maintain software for business or individual purposes. Software engineers can expect an annual median salary of AED 123,884 in the UAE.
  1. Electrical Engineers:
    Power is another major industry in the UAE with great employment prospects. Electrical engineers specializing in power generation and supply are responsible for designing, developing and testing of electrical equipment. However, the scope is not limited to this alone. Some jobs require electrical engineers to be trained in lighting and wiring of buildings, aircraft etc. In fact, the training given to electrical engineers is so extensive, that they can even apply for relevant jobs in diverse industries including construction and manufacturing. The median salary for an electrical engineer in the UAE is AED 96,135.
  1. Civil Engineers:
    The one thing that UAE has seen the most improvement in is the infrastructure. The region has worked extensively on improving its infrastructure by constructing roads, buildings, bridges, water supply systems, etc. The increased focus on tourism in some parts of the region, especially Dubai has resulted in the increased number of construction projects be it the development of new hotels and resorts or other tourist destinations. As a result, the demand for civil engineers has also increased in the region. A skilled civil engineer can expect to earn an annual median salary of AED 94,583 in the UAE.


There are many other engineering fields but the ones mentioned above stand out in terms of the pay package, employment opportunities, and career growth.


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