Dubai’s Emirates Airline received an average of over 200 applications for each non cabin crew job vacancy it had available during the last financial year, a spokesperson has confirmed. “In 2014-15, Emirates received over 400,000 online applications from 227 countries, for 2,000 jobs across all functions,” a spokesperson confirmed.

The 2,000 new staff were hired to support the airline’s growing fleet of new aircraft and included 350 flight deck crew, 560 engineering staff and other operational positions. The figure does not include cabin crew as exact figures for their number are not currently available.

Earlier this month, Emirates Group, the parent company of the Dubai airline and aviation services company dnata, confirmed it will pay out AED1 billion ($286 million) to its 84,153 staff later this month in performance bonuses, just days after the government-owned company reported the second-highest profit in its thirty-year history.

The group this month announced a profit for the financial year ended March 31 of AED5.5 billion. A rise of 34 percent year-on-year, it represented the group’s 27th consecutive year in profit and came on the back of a 10 percent yearly rise in revenue to $26.3 billion. Emirates Group has 84,153 staff in total across Emirates Airline and dnata and the bonus payment works out at an average of around $3,398 per employee.

From Argentina to Vietnam, the airline engages in regular recruitment days around the world. Click here for cabin crew assessment days and here for upcoming roadshows and selection process events… see more

source: arabianbusiness