Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi visits the Cairo headquarters of Central Security Forces (CSF) on Friday, folllowing the removal of CSF head Maged Nouh last week and amid strikes by CSF soldiers and officers in several governorates.


President Morsi performed Friday noon prayers among hundreds of soldiers and officers at the CSF headquarters in the Cairo district of Darrasa, where he gave a brief opening speech saluting all police and military personnel upon his arrival.

“Beware, our outside enemy is seeking to create division among us, and we must not allow it,” President Morsi said in his opening speech.

“Any obstacles you’re facing, we will get through them – together,” he stressed.

He continued: “You are the watchful eye of the homeland. The country’s best interest needs your efforts and sacrifices.”

“You all know that our Egypt is going through a critical period, but with the aid of God and cooperation of the police and military, we will be able to pass through this phase.”

“You are the protectors of the country’s inside and outside safety. The police were part of the 1973 victory and also part of the January 25 Revolution,” he added.

Accompanied by Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim, the president will hold meetings with the soldiers and officers after prayers.