Huskies, zip-wires and man-size polar bears; Luke Leitch is full of praise for the hugely entertaining Moncler Gamme Rouge show.

Beautiful wolf-eyed huskies snuffling up the catwalk, Milk Tray men zip-wiring down it and – oh yes – a finale of Narnia queens embracing a bunch of blokes wearing polar bear onesies to a Beach Boys soundtrack: what can you say about a fashion show that contains all the ingredients above, except for bravo?

Moncler’s wilful whimsy extended to both its Gamme collections, Blue (men) and Rouge (women). This was probably the looniest so far. A three act show, it started with the huskies. These gorgeous dogs were lead on by models, male and female, all dressed perfectly for life north of The Wall in Game of Thrones. They came swathed in furs aplenty, plus fur-effect down coats and – on the women – front-stitched thigh high fur relief leggings. Some of the men mixed things up a bit with stainless steel toboggans strapped to their backs.


Then act two, and enter those Milk Tray men. Clutching snow-shoes and grimacing in their fake-snow flecked goggles, the slid from the roof dressed in either black or burgundy variations of Moncler’s finest Alpine. The womenswear was hoody and luxe, and much more convincing than the fake snow.


Finally, the Narnia section. Here the all-female cast had ghostly make-up, knotted braids sprayed white, and crystals that glittered on their cheeks like frost. That frosting continued into a very delicate iteration of Moncler’s key down DNA. Mirrored panels and lightly-pressed snowflake reliefs were dusted across fairy-silhouette winter gear. It was beautiful, and a bit McQueen does Meribel. Then all these midwinter maidens went backstage – and returned arm in arm with the blokes in the brilliant bear suits. I’ve already ordered two of them.