With Presidential campaign starting tomorrow, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) held a meeting with senior security officials to discuss security for the Presidential candidates. In addition to the security challenges, the IEC also addressed campaign regulations.

The IEC has further asked that the Presidential candidates refrain from heavy expenditures during their campaigns.

“We all know that security is a topic discussed by all, whether its round tables or politicians, everyone is concerned about security,” IEC head Muhammad Yousuf Nooristani said.

Security Oofficials reported on preparations for providing security to the Presidential candidates.

“We have serious and precise preparations, we will work to the best of our ability with the help of the Presidential candidates,” Minister of Interior Omer Daudzai said. “We hope we will not have any problems.”

However, amongst the candidates, there still remain a number of concerns heading into the campaign period.

“Elections must not be commercial so that a fine government is created,” Presidential candidate Hedayat Ameen Arsala said.

“Money and financial means will be misused; a simple competition in the current situation of Afghanistan needs a good budget,” said Sarwar Danish, the Second Vice President to Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai. “The amount in the election law, what is it based on? I think most of the candidates will face problems.”

Ultimately much of the campaings fate, along with the broader election, falls in the hands of the candidates and how they choose to conduct themselves.

“Candidates must lead peaceful campaigns, and moral campaigns,” Presidential candidate Qutbuddin Helal said. “We should not denigrate each other and should not create tensions in the country.”