Dubai’s proposed fleet of flying taxis could be joined in the skies over the city by larger and more powerful passenger carrying drones, if plans by aviation startup Vimana take off.

Vimana is developing an electric-powered, Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft, and a blockchain-based control system, which would make fast and reliable city-wide aerial taxis a reality.

Speaking at the Arab Future Cities Summit in Dubai, Vimana CEO and founder Evgeni Borisov, said that the company is proposing a complete ‘Urban Air Mobility’ system (UAM), which would be a turnkey solution to enable cities to launch safe and practical aerial transport.

The multi-component system includes the aerial vehicle, control systems, setup and support, which will operate as an open architecture ecosystem.

The Vimana AAV, which is due for its first test flights in Moscow later this month, is a tilt-wing eVTOL, which has electric motors powered by electric hybrid power source.

The craft will have a 10m wingspan, and will be able to carry a 400kg payload of up to 4 passengers, with a range of 900km and a top speed in sustained flight of up to 150mph (240kph)… see more


source: arabianbusiness