The Free and Fair Election Foundation (FEFA) said Wednesday that the role of the media is crucial in helping people select their preferred presidential candidate in the upcoming election, stressing the need for objective reporting.

FEFA executive director Jandad Spinghar said the media was also important in supervising the election process.

Media watchdog Nai agreed with the FEFA statements.

“Media should be considerate of journalism principals in order to remain impartial and report exactly,” Nai chief Sediqullah Tawhidi said.

Afghanistan’s presidential and provincial council election’s will be held April 5 2014.

“The media should start their supervision from now to remove all concerns of the election and for people to go to voting on the day,” senior adviser to the Ministry of Information and Culture Jalal Noranni said.

Meanwhile the head of the Independent Election Commission called on the media to avoid censorship in broadcasting election issues.

“The Independent Election Commission needs to make the people aware, needs to share the problems with people, needs to encourage people to participate in the election. These things are possible with the cooperation of media ,” IEC spokesperson Tabish Forough said.

Security remains a key concern and a major point for media to cover in the lead up to the 2014 poll.

According to statistics, Afghanistan’s media has boomed in the past decade with around 50 TV channels, 200 radio stations and over one thousand publications including online, daily and weekly magazines all operating in Afghanistan.