Nowadays companies are dedicating tremendous resources to encourage innovations and productivity. However, many fail to recognize that the design and the arrangement of the office can either support or become a barrier to achieving the goals. In a recent research by the Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Initiative on Innovation and Placemaking, since most innovations occur in office spaces, the design, and layout influence the organizational culture. Office culture is the invisible code that differentiates one company to the other and encompasses values, assumptions, attitude, and behaviors. Therefore, the layout or design should match the office culture. Below are some creative office layout ideas that can match different company’s culture.

  1. The newsroom layout

Key features in this type of setting are desk clusters, open spaces and flexible seating. It is ideal for an office environment that is fast paced and requires a lot of collaboration between employees and the management. It can also be recommended where communication is essential and the need to hold impromptu meetings. In this type of setting, individual desks are brought together to make a working space that involves everybody in the group. In addition, cubicle walls and dividers should be eliminated. It is advisable to use comfortable and flexible seating in this layout.

  1. Startup layout

Major features in this setting include standing café tables, couches, and movable laptop desks. The layout is ideal for an office culture that encourages flexible work habits and free thinking. It can be used in any type of type of company, institution or organization. The startup layout promotes a standing working space which can be enhanced by flexible working surfaces. Features such as couches, seating poufs among others give employees the freedom to work from anywhere unlike the traditional working environment. It gives employees more autonomy and thereby increases productivity.

  1. The library office layout

Just like the conventional library, this type of layout promotes uninterrupted focus. It is important to note that not all types of work that can thrive in an environment that has constant buzz of activities like describes above. This layout is ideal for a working environment that embraces quietness and tranquility. However, instead of using the traditional cubicles, individual working stations can be used. On top of that, the office should set special ‘quiet hours’ in the conference rooms to give employees ample quiet time to work together. It can be a good way for employees taking a break from their desks.

  1. Artist loft layout

It is recommended for a work environment that is creative and highly visual. Since artistry involves creativity and sharing of ideas, most artistry lounges are designed in a way that encourages creators to work alongside each other. The same concept can be incorporated in the office layout to encourage collaboration among workers. This can be achieved by arranging individual desks to form horizontal rows. To enhance the experience and encourage a free flow of ideas, whiteboards can be placed in the main working area. Print and frame graphics can be placed around the office to augment the mood and inspiration.

  1. Innovation lab layout

A business that implements innovative techniques and process accrues limitless benefits. Although there are many definitions of innovation, in a business setting it simply means the ability to create methods, products, and processes that keep the business alive. The innovation lab office layout encourages innovation and creativity through the exchange of ideas. It is perfect for an office environment where employees positively compete to produce. This type of layout can be made even better when idea banks are included. Idea banks invite employees to bring forward innovative ideas that can help the company forward.

  1. Office plants

Majority of people spent a lot of time at work. Including plants in the working environment provides a natural interior. There are different plants that can be used in the office. For instance, a natural slim Christmas tree can be used to enhance the beauty while at the same provides other health benefits like clean air etc.


by: Mikkie Mills