Malaysia’s chief of police has revealed that his officers have discovered 139 graves in 28 human trafficking camps along Malaysia’s northern border with Thailand.

Khalid Abu Bakar said that some of the graves contained the remains of more than one victim, all thought to be migrants from Burma and Bangladesh.

“The operation which we have been conducting from 11 May to 23 May, we discovered 139 of what we believe are graves,” Mr Khalid said at a news conference.

“It’s a very sad scene … To us, even one (grave) is serious and we have found 139 … we are working closely with our counterparts in Thailand. We will find the people who did this,” he said.

The camps were located within 500 metres of the Thai border. Their discovery follows the unearthing of 26 bodies in early May on the Thai side of the border.

The Malaysian police chief said one of the new graves was just 100m from the Thai discovery.see more

source: skynews