It is kind of a habit in us that whenever a tech person comes to us for helping with our computers, we tend to cook up these tiny lies. We try to show that we know how the computer works and we have exercised means to rectify the problem so don’t tell or ask us about things we already know.

Instead, share some high-level tech solution. And I kid you not! We don’t want to appear as amateurs or don’t wish our intelligence to be questioned. I don’t know why this becomes such a huge deal for us but truth be told, this is our mindset.

1.      Don’t say you restarted your computer

It has been observed that every time a person contacts tech support for the glitches in their computer, they lie saying that they have already restarted the computer when in actual they haven’t. The truth of the matter is that many of the minor hiccups such as a computer running slow or a downed Wi-Fi are all solved through a restart.

2.      Don’t say you’ve made sure everything is plugged in

You may be positive about all your wires and peripherals connected to your computer but when the tech guy asks you to check them once again, instead of getting annoyed at this it would be wise to give those connections another look. Often unplugged cables are the reason your keyboard or printer is not working.

3.      Don’t tell them you don’t know how you got that virus or malware on your computer

Now the people who are “curious” to click on every ad that pops up or link that shows up or even visits sites they shouldn’t be visiting in the first place, are the ones whose systems get infected with the virus or malware. The ads may be lucrative promising you expensive software for free but you should exercise care and not fall for such click baits.

So when at the time the tech support asks you to invest some time in installing a trusted antimalware or antivirus program don’t act like you haven’t been all over the place on the internet. Read about or consult a friend on a good anti-malware/virus software.

4.      Don’t tell them your teenage son has been using your computer

Whenever a problem arises in your computer, people just say that they handed it over their son who is young and since then it is not functional. The technicians at the repair shop know where this is headed and it is not malware or virus, it is PORN (plain and simple)! It is easier to lay it on teenage boys than owning up to one’s interests.

5.      Lastly, don’t tell them it arrived broken

The people in the tech support department are not stupid and they handle countless such cases where the person tells them that their computer arrived as broken from the onset. The condition in which you leave your laptop with the tech guy will tell whether or not it arrived broken or have been used without a care in the world.


Author Bio: Mattew Colin is a technology expert. He loves to write in his leisure time and can be contacted for help with buy assignment online. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ for updates.