Through voice alone, eX-Sense can determine whether your subjects have doubts, what troubles them in an ongoing conversation, and when (if at all) they are not being completely honest.  New eX-Sense lie detector software calibrates faster and is more accurate than ever!

Person to Person – Turn your laptop  into a portable polygraph.  Use this lie detector software to Analyze live conversations or interviews using your computer microphone.  As a deterrent, let your subject know, or analyze without them knowing. Lie detector can be used in person
Live or  recorded phone calls – Phone conversations are especially easy to analyze due to the quality.  Recorded phone conversations will give you the opportunity to take your time and complete a better analysis. Use home polygraph with your laptop
Television or speeches – On recorded or live television, find out who’s telling the truth about things like war or even the status of a public company!  Digital TV offers great quality for analyzing. Use this as a deception detection tool and truth verification. Record live speeches and use lie detector
Recordings – Analyze recorded phone calls or person to person recordings.  eX-Sense allows extra time for a more detailed analysis.BETTER THAN TRUSTER lie detection software. You can trust that our software will give the most accurate results.Source :