Over the last century we have seen a drastic overall of the modern work environment. Around the turn of the century places like the Pittsburgh Steel Mills we known for their particularly horrid working conditions and lack of safety protocols.  Accident rates were high and employee satisfaction low.  As the 20th century marched forward employees demanded a change.  Today we live in a very different world. Despite these changes we are still faced with workplace challenges but mainly of a new nature. This article is intended to outline several of the places in which the modern worker faces new challenges unique to our period in time.


Technology has freed many of us to stranglehold of the office and given us new und unprecedented freedoms. However with this freedom we are now slaves to the technology, which gives us this freedom.  When you really go into it we now have a new taskmaster. However tech brings its own unique challenges.


Shutting Down


Knowing when to turn off is more important than ever before.  In the days where we always went into the office it was possible to leave the work at the office. Today we bring it home with us every day. We can be bombarded late at night and make the mistake of not understanding when the workday is over. One of the easiest ways to tackle this challenge is to take up a hobby. Recently I began creating my own clothing. Spending the time to work with my hands sewing the fleece fabric has let to me being more focused at the office and less fidgety.


The Cloud


Cloud technology has allowed for a massive increase in the spread of information especially within the business environment.  However with large scale hackings questions of cloud security have been raised. How safe is our cloud-based information?  The answer is that it all depends. Good security is expensive. There is always a balancing act.


Traditional Risks


Not all of us work in an office setting. There is still a huge sector of the economy that is based around natural resources and these jobs come with risks. One of the industries with the most risk is oil.  Industrial accidentals happen frequently and on a large scale.  The scary part is that many of these require advanced skills such as confined space rescue and also protection from biohazards.


Biohazards become an issue with many jobs.  With new chemical being produced each year the risk of contamination can be quite high.  It is essential that you invest in the proper protection for your employees. Cheap equipment like tyvek suits can save a life and cost far less than a negligence lawsuit.


Whatever industries you are in workplace hazards are still an issue. Make sure that your work environment is a safe as possible.


By: Vincent Stokes