As ’s  death was announced on Tuesday, wasted no time mocking the Venezuelan leader’s time in power  during the show’s opening sketch this week.

Featuring imitating , SNL skit took place at a memorial for Hugo Chavez, who died on  Tuesday at the age of 58 after a long battle with cancer.


Justin Timberlake was singing an updated version of Elton John’s classic song in tribute to Hugo Chavez and some of the crazy, real-life, aspects  from his 14 years in power.

“And it seems to me like you lived your life like a candle in the  wind,” Justin Timberlake sang in a pitch-perfect imitation of Elton John  before ending the chorus with the following joke: “If a candle could pull out  two pistols at a press conference.”

Another hilarious line from the song was: “You said the U.S. causes  earthquakes and you outlawed Coke Zero.

“And on your shoulder sat your parrot with a matching red beret.

“You had your own T.V. show, it was called <<Hello,  President>>.

“It wasn’t about politics, you sometimes danced and made up raps.

“You helped make your country the kidnapping capital of the world and also  increased milk production.”

Featuring Justin Timberlake imitating Elton John, SNL  skit took place at a memorial for Hugo Chavez, who died on Tuesday at the age of  58 after a long battle with cancer

Justin Timberlake also included Hugo Chavez statement that “Capitalism killed  Mars” when the Socialist firebrand said that a society had taken root on the  planet but capitalism had wiped out its water supply.

Justin Timberlake was also the show’s musical act. The episode featured an  unusual amount of guests stars including Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase,  Dan Aykroyd and Andy Samberg.