West dancing on Israeli tunes; Embassy of Palestine must be established in Kabul; Aggression over Gaza responsible for increase in terrorism, extremism; Arabs shall use oil as weapon
By Gul Nadeem
KABUL: Israel is killing innocent Palestinians, mostly children and women, on daily basis but the world community, especially the West and United State, is acting like silent spectator. It seems the United Nations, European Union, and NATO, enjoy when they see tears rolling in eyes of the oppressed Palestinians while the pseudo Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) are only condemning the massacre of innocent people in the Gaza. OIC, which is ironically written as “Oh! I See” by the critics, had done nothing which could stop the West supported Jewish-state from genocide of Palestinians.
Israel, which is also called the evil state or rogue son of the US, has killed over 840 people in the Gaza Strip during the 18-day brutal bombardments and ground offensives. Israeli security forces have targeted every place in the Gaza Strip including mosques, schools, shops and homes. If the aggression continues at such pace and unnoticed then one day Palestinians could not be found on this plant, because either they would become suicide bombers to avenge what has been done to them or just fall prey of the Israeli monsters.
The world community could not ignore sufferings of Palestinians for too long as frustration among Muslims is at peak against the West. If the United States really wants to end terrorism and extremism then it should take start from Israel, because Israeli forces are worst terrorists on this earth who use fighter jets, tanks and other advanced weapons to wipe out armless and peace-loving Palestinians in order to occupy more lands. Terrorism will not end if rights of Palestinians were not accepted and given. Moreover, the OIC and other Muslim regional organizations should show unity and use oil as weapon to stop genocide of the Palestinians. Export of petroleum products should be halted until the West, including the US, force the Jewish-state to stop killing innocent people in the Gaza Strip and other parts of Palestine. Western countries should stop dancing on Israeli tunes because it would threaten the world peace, especially in the Middle East, as Muslims could not afford more killings of their Palestinian brothers and sisters.
Moreover, the Afghan government must help Palestinian authorities to establish permanent embassy in Kabul. The Karzai-led administration hinted that it would provide land to the Palestinian embassy. However, this should happen soon because we have to support our Palestinian brothers through all possible means.
Afghans are annoyed over brutalities of the Israeli forces. The anger could be gauged also from their posts and comments on Facebook.
Ahmad Wasim Ahmadi, a resident of Kabul posted on his Facebook wall, “The United Nations and the human rights organizations have been found the most reluctant to stop Israel from killings of Palestinians. The reason is that these organizations are led by non-Muslim leaders. Death to Israel and its supporters who are killing Muslims in the Gaza.”
Nayib Ahmadi, a resident of Balkh, said: “The aid that the Afghan government provided to Gaza is a very appraisable decision. All Muslim countries should help Palestinians. They are suffering from the brutality of the Jewish-state.”