KABUL: Tens of members of a civil society organization during a rally on Sunday severely condemned recent deadly attacks in the country which left scores of civilians dead and wounded particularly the deadly attack inside a market in Orgun district of eastern Paktika province.
Members of the Great Afghanistan Movement blamed Iran and Pakistan for supporting terrorists and their deadly attacks which they carry out inside Afghanistan.
Head of the movement, Aimal Sarwal, said they were against deadly attacks by terrorists and killing of civilians in Afghanistan and these attacks must be stopped immediately.
“We severely condemn terrorist attacks in Afghanistan particularly the Orgun blast. We are here to ask the government to prevent such attacks,” he said.
Participants of the rally said they support the Afghan security forces and ask the government and the international community to provide state-of-the-art military equipments in order to enable the Afghan forces to eliminate the Taliban from the country.
According to reports, recently terrorist attacks have surged in Kabul and some other provinces of the country which have killed hundreds of Afghan civilians.
The Ministry of Defense has said that Helmand, Logar, Kandahar, Badghis, Faryab and Paktika were the provinces which experienced suicide attacks and car bombings during the past one month and half.
Members of the Great Afghanistan Movement said they were not blaming Iran and Pakistan for such attacks for the first time; they have raised such criticisms in the past as well.
Abdul Qadir Mottaqi, member of the movement, said they would continue their protests and criticism against terrorist attacks and civilians’ killings in future as well. “Our policy is to work in close coordination with people of Afghanistan. We walk to streets and roads, mosques and villages to deliver our message of ‘Afghanistan is our shared home and we should fulfill its rights’ to each and every Afghan all over the country,” he commented.
It is not the first anti-terrorism and civilian killings protest in Afghanistan; Afghans have witnessed several protests by different organizations against killing of civilians, suicide attacks, and rocket attacks by Pakistan into eastern parts of the country. These protests have always condemned killing of civilians and asked for immediate stop in such deadly attacks.
However, despite the vast criticism and protests, it seems that terrorist attacks and killing of civilians still continue in the country.