Agriculture plays a key role in economic structure of any country and in the current scenariothe whole world is seriously focusing on developing and making this industry more productive to avoid any food crises in future.

Some statistics about Agriculture Sector are:

“Globally, around 55%of young people reside in rural areas.” –FAO-

And the other quote is related to the employment given by the Agriculture Industry

“Agriculture accounts for 32% of total employment globally.” –ILO-

Now you can easily figure outthat how important the Agriculture sector is, as it is not just feeding the entire world but as the matter of fact 32% of the world population is associated with this  profession.

When we talk about employment and employees, the first thing that click our mind is Human Resource Management. Unfortunately HRM is not in an effective working mode as it should be working in the sector of Agriculture.

Human Resource Management helps you to make your business profitable by making connections and solving problems of your industry’s backbone which we called “Employees”. This is the core objective of HRM and this should be applied to the Agriculture sector as well but despite of being one of the primitive sectors, this domain is still in developing stages.One of the reasons behind this drawback is the lack of proper HRM.

5 Important Roles that HRM should play in the Agriculture sector are:

  • Antenna Recruiting:
    Recruitment Agencies need to notice and observe people who are working in the agriculture field or the students enrolled in Agricultural Universities. If they find anyone who fits their criteria, they should be considered and recruited on the best positions available. Acquirement should be made according to requirement.
  • Use of Social Media:
    Recruiting and Hiring Strategies are pretty different from the conventional ones. In Agriculture industry, the tactics of enlisting employees and hiring stratagems are also changing. HR Managers who are working in Farming Industry should use Social Media as a Recruiting Tool.
    The effectiveness of Social Media cannot be neglected in HRM as in recent times it is the place where you can find the potential employees for your firm. HR Managers should use Social Media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Face book and other Social Media networks effectively so that they can announce and market their job openings and can promote their business too. Use of Social Media helps you in recruiting and you can get the best acquirement for yourrequired task.
  • Hiring:
    You cannot have the frosting and cake at the same time but in hiring you cannot compromise on both; it is the most difficult job amongst all HRM activities. Hiring needs proper strategy, devotion and focus on that kind of a person who fits your Agriculture business the best.
  • Selecting the person who can work competitively under your management and can abide to the rules you have made for your own agriculture firm. Agriculture firm’s salary budget also affects the hiring process that is the reason HR Managers should hire the Best person in the least negotiated Salary Package.
  • Communication and Resolving Conflict:
    It is a duty of HR department to resolve conflicts among the employees by communicating with the concerned people in the Agricultural organization. Resolving a Conflict need an understanding of the core issue. HR Manager should have knowledge of organizational behavior and on the basis of that he can control theemployee’s behavior and attitude and abide them to work in the organization’s rules and regulations. It is obvious that the people working in you firm are coming from different backgrounds and have different mind sets so it is natural that there will be differences and specially in Farm business where farmers are illiterate and repellent to accept new methods and modern techniques but HR should resolve these differences by communicating smartly and skillfully.
  • Communication includes your power of transferring messages among your staff members, your body language and your tone. The more your communication is strong it is more easy to resolve the conflict.
  • Employee Training:
    The most important part of Human Resource Management is Employee Training. An organization should train their employees to get maximum Return on Individual basis. As Agriculture currently is emerging and developing very rapidly and the new technologies and tools are coming in this field to make the Agriculture more productive, so you can say that the modern era of Agriculture Industry is evolving. Now agriculture is not merely grow and sell food business instead it’s a domain where science is practiced on fields. In this modern era your human resource and your employees should be modern and the recent strategies and techniques should be implemented to get maximum profit out of your business. To achieve these targets you have to train your staff effectively from top to bottom level. The decision making authorities to the farm workers should be equipped with new and up to date technologies so that you can compete and stay firm in the emergent agriculture industry.


The main function of HR in Agriculture is to simply train their staff according to the modern needs of the industry. For this purpose HR should first focus the students who are graduating from Agricultural universities as they are young, energetic and competitive  and can implement modern strategies in Agriculture business and it is easy for HR Managers to train these young blood as compared to the people having conventional mind set in agriculture industry.

Agricultural firms should incorporate effective HR programs in their businesses and implement new HR strategies so that the industry flourish and can engender maximum returns.


By: Haroon Hemani