How To Become Powerful and Influential:

Many people want to look powerful in the workplace, but only a few people achieve this. In the business world, people endeavor to show their confidence by using a variety of tactics. Only those who use the right techniques appear powerful and eventually command the respect of their followers. Here are seven key tips on How To Become Powerful and Influential.

Drive a Car that Gives You Confidence

People are driven to either do things or not do them depending on their confidence level. You can know whether someone feels powerful or not by assessing the things that he or she does or does not do. If you identify with high-speed sports cars, buy one to boost your confidence levels. You can, for example, get a used Chrysler if you cherish these cars and want to see your confidence increase without breaking the bank.

Call the Shots on Eye Contact

The way you manage eye contact can tell the people around you whether you are powerful. Studies have shown that individuals with lower status often make more eye contact than those who with higher status. The most probable reason for this is that higher-status people do not seek approval or are not very concerned with the reaction of other people. Besides, they do not fear any consequences of breaking eye contact. Low-status people, on the other hand, want to please their seniors and consider maintaining eye contact as a great way to achieving this objective. As such, call the shots on eye contact just as successful people do to be able to create the desired impression. For example if you have a great idea to improve your process with an app connector. Don’t worry about eye contact, just know that your idea is amazing and let that speak for itself. This is one of the important step on How To Become Powerful and Influential.

Straighten Your Posture

The way you sit also sends a message about your confidence level as your posture is directly linked with your mood. People who sit upright feel happier and more powerful than those who don’t. Sit up straight to boost both your confidence and also make you look better in front of your employees. This will help you achieve your desire to look more powerful.

Lean Back

Leaning back is considered a classic “high power poses.” This posture helps you to not only project power but also release higher levels of testosterone. As a result, striking this power pose allows you to feel more confident and also look more powerful. That’s How to Become Influential With Lean Back.

Put Hands in Steeple Position

When you hold your hands together with your fingers touching each other, we say your hands are in a steeple position. That’s probably the way How to Look Powerful in Business. Look at chess players and supervillains, and you will you see how exactly this gesture looks like. This exceptional posture exudes lots of confidence, excellent listening skills, and high degrees of competence, and is, for that matter, one of the ways you can make yourself to appear more powerful at the place of work and command more respect.

Claim Your Territory

Whenever you want to appear powerful, you can also stand with your feet spread apart. This is often a subconscious cue for men that they are feeling great, but anyone can use it and reap the same benefits. Don’t cross your legs or fold your arms over your chest. This shows you are nervous. Instead, when you walk into the office or the place where your employees are working, let your movements show you are assertive, and you will look powerful and strong and earn the respect of your employees.

Point Your Feet

The direction of your feet indicates your attitude. This is a strong addition to the steps on How to Become Powerful in Society . When your feet are pointed towards a particular person, it shows you have a genuine interest in that particular individual. However, if they are pointed towards the exit, you are thinking about walking away and are not interested in the ongoing talks. As such, whenever you are speaking with people in authority, ensure you point your feet towards them to demonstrate you are both engaged and respectful.


The bottom line is that you need to ensure your actions and body language is aligned with your words. Show confidence even when you are feeling weak, and people will look powerful. Use these tips, and you will have an advantage over your competitors. These were few of the steps on How to Become Powerful Physically.


by: Sia Hasan