The modern world has yet to develop new transportation systems that will bring great transformation and significance in increasing transformation. The Intelligent Transport Systems are making traffic management systems and driving safer and better for everyone. Soft infrastructure, which encompasses policies and regulations for safety and management, is evolving at the fastest rate to accommodate the global investment demand in the transportation infrastructure. Technology is bringing the two in the infrastructure developed to manage more vehicles on the road. The result of this technology is increased road safety.

Population and traffic growth create the demand for more transport infrastructure. However, there is insufficient enough money to build more rail and roads. Population growth is always continuing despite cities lacking sufficient funds to develop a better transport technology. New transportation technologies are coming up to meet these problems. They include key-less fleet management, alternative fuels, and autonomous vehicles.

New technologies developed will be developed to improve and save the lives of many people. According to a recent study, more than 1.25 million people die every year as a result of road accidents. Moreover, more than 50 million people also get injured in road accidents. When vehicle safety is improved, technology will affect the development of driving applications, connectivity, and vehicle data.

Technology will make vehicles safer

Safety improvements for the vehicles, including airbags and seat belts, have saved more than 600,000 lives in the past decade. These technologies also include the mounted brake lights, child safety seats, and the electronic stability control. In the years to come, more innovations are expected to sprout and improve road safety. One possibility is that the adjustable seat belts provide a safe landing in case of a crash. They also position the driver and passengers at a safe place.

Data collection will lead to minimized crashes

In many parts of the world, there is the lack of data about crashes and road safety. In some parts of Africa, there is an increment of deaths. They are estimated to be six times higher than the reported rates. Safety information such as the use of children restraints and safety belts, average driving speed, availability of trauma care, and drunk driving statistics are unavailable in the developing countries. Advancement in technology will wake these countries up and increase road safety. Improvement of data could help reduce crashes and analyze the challenges in these locations.

Smarter vehicles will greatly reduce crashes

Drivers can get alerts to road traffic through increased connectivity. Increased connectivity will also help the drivers escape any emergency. In the coming years, automated or driverless-shared cars have the capability to increase road safety. Moreover, it is also used to lower traffic congestion.

The development of driving mobile applications will reduce distractions

Distraction always causes over 10 percent of road accidents. In the United States, over 15 percent of these distractions have caused many deaths. The development of driving applications will help the drivers by silencing calls and texts whenever they appear on their mobile phones during transit.

New transportation technologies are emerging to meet the daily road challenges. It is also proposed that the transformation into the city driving system will eliminate road accidents by 50 percent. However, they will also increase the ease in moving around the city. Moreover, this technology will also assist the visitors in determining the best way to navigate and get to their destination. The coordinated traffic, electronic information signals, and new towing software also give priority to road safety.

In the modern world, roads are safer because of the introduction of traffic technology. However, road safety is expected to increase with the advancement of new technology. Technology such as seat belts is very crucial in the transportation world. The future also holds many other ways that technology will use to save more lives on the road.


by: Sia Hasan