Being a business owner means that much of the weight which comes with pushing for business excellence is placed on your shoulders. Simply put, your success as a leader will translate to excellence in your business and vice versa.

Becoming a good leader is not as easy as it sounds; there are challenges that one has to contend with. One way through which you can triumph over the many difficulties is by use of technology as a tool to inspire your staff as well as to positively influence your clients. There are a whole lot of tech-related avenues that you can use to grow your leadership. This article analyses some of these avenues.

Strong Social Media Presence

Technology has given rise to a broad range of social media platforms and to this end, their influence is there for all to see. As a business leader, you can use social media to communicate directly with your clients, get their reviews, and understand their side of the story without having to pass through your marketing team. Twitter and Facebook, for example, are platforms that command a huge membership that you can tap into and market your business.

To manage your social media accounts effectively as a business leader, you must draw a clear line between your personal life and your business- be extremely careful not to mix the two. It is also advisable to be on as many platforms as possible and to post consistently and regularly. The content that you post, on the other hand, should be such that your audience gets to relate to so that they can then share and comment.

The more the shares, likes, and comments you get, the higher your influence is on social media. If the content is well formatted in line with your brand, then you can be sure of getting traffic coming your business’ way.

Keeping Track of Employees and Business

As a business leader, you have to keep your team on track to optimize revenue. Traditionally, keeping track of employees meant being ever-present at the workplace. Thanks to technology, however, you can create a virtual office from anywhere and get things going. Over and above that, you can use technology to keep track and coordinate different teams in different offices or even in different locations.

Most importantly, tracking your business and employees becomes not only easy and error-free but also uses less time as opposed to the traditional methodologies. Online project management tools, for example, can be used to improve productivity in a big way.

Physical Security

Security for physical property in business is as essential as cybersecurity. As the leader, it is your responsibility to ensure that business property is safe from intruders and burglars as well as some rogue employees who would want to take advantage of your absence to steal. With a comprehensive security system that incorporates an indoor and outdoor camera will allow you to breathe easy knowing that any attempt on your property will be thwarted.

Thanks to technology, you can get either wired or wireless cameras; the former is useful when there is power while the latter is useful in times of power outage since they can use internal batteries.

 Creating a Personal Website

Just like it is important to have a business website, developing a separate one of your own is equally important. With your website, you can link-up with the clients and investors who would wish to know you more. Over and above that, you can post blogs on your website that you probably could not post on the company website. Several studies have shown that three out of four people who visit a website belonging to a business leader end up trusting him or her and eventually become long-term clients.

You can leverage technology to grow your business. With the few discussed above, your employee will see you as an outgoing and influential leader. Don’t agree to be left behind by technology.

by: Sia Hasan