Quenching the thirst of countless number of people across the globe, the Zamzam well pumps 11- 19 liters of water in a second.

Located 20 meters away for the Kabba, the story of the well dates back to the time of Prophet Ibrahim(peace be upon him). The well is known to have turned Makkah into the most visited city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Gazette quoted Saudi Geological Survey President Zuhair Nawab as saying,

“Well is historical and the well turned the dry and deserted city of Makkah into a populated land. many people from south of the Arabian Peninsula would come all the way to Makkah to fill their barrels with Zamzam water and then they take it home to their friends and families.”
To purify the Zamzam water, the kingdom announced a project of SR700 million in 2010 which was built near the Grand Mosque to serve pilgrims.

“King Abdullah Zamzam Water Factory produces 200,000 water bottles a day and it is around 10 liters of Zamzam water a day. The factory produces more during Ramadan and Haj seasons,” said Nawab.

He also said the survey set up a research center specifically for Zamzam water and its purpose is to always ensure that Zamzam water is served at its best quality.

“The center will look into the source of Zamzam water, the type of soil around it and the type of water that comes out. The demand on Zamzam water is growing throughout the Kingdom and not just Makkah. The number of pilgrims is increasing and the center is expected to be able to conduct a study to find a way to meet all of these demands in the most effective way possible,” said Nawab.

source: khaleejtimes