Keeping a home safe is important. It is one of the biggest investments a person can make, but there are times when homeowners do not think of every possible danger. The following are just a few dangers you might not have thought about.

Home Invasion Tips

Home invasions are very real, and they are on the rise all over the United States. You might imagine that your home is safe, but the fact of the matter is this can change in a second.

Thankfully, there are a few things that can be done to help secure your home, like adopting guard dogs or installing a good home security system. Burglars have often used vegetation against the homeowners, too. For example, a tall bush by the window can be used to hide from nosy neighbors while he or she attempts to gain access to the house. One good idea is to keep bushes and shrubs low to prevent criminals from shielding themselves. Another good idea is to plant shrubs or bushes with large thorns near the windows. Home invaders use windows to escape and break in, but thorns could help. A thorn can tear into a perpetrators clothes or skin, which can be used by police to track them down.

Protect Yourself From Wear and Tear

Sure, a home insurance policy can deal with emergency situations that might include floods or fires. Some insurance policies can help you deal home invasions, too, but one thing that insurance companies do not deal with is expenses that are associated with normal wear and tear. This could include things like furnaces, air conditioners, stoves, or even refrigerators.

It is important to consider something like a home warranty to help ensure that all those expenses are covered. Keep in mind that these policies will not only help replace the item but also pay for the service done by the professional. Most homeowners know how expensive a professional house call can get, which makes this type of policy a wise investment. It should be noted that the service alone, without including parts, could end up costing a homeowner $268 on average, but the cost of repairing a furnace can go up to $816.

Protection Against Cybercrime

It is becoming more evident that technology is integrating into the lives of people. Your home is probably filled with all sorts of smart devices among other things, but this also opens you up to a different type of danger that you might not have imagined before. The danger that you have to worry about is cybercrimes. A cyber crime could be something as simple as identity theft to regular theft. Most homes are smart now, meaning that a criminal can just hack into the system to gain access to security cameras among other things.

Criminals could also steal information to get cash from your accounts or steal identities. There are a lot of things that you can do to ensure that your web-surfing stays as safe as possible. For one, it is important to use a hard password to crack, and avoid sharing this information with many people. Another good idea is to ensure that the internet system is encrypted, which makes it harder to hack. You can talk to your internet provider should you be unsure.

Be sure to keep up with updates, and install a strong security software to protect your home internet from trojans or malware. Keep in mind that cybercrime ended up costing Americans about $800,492,073 in 2014. It should be noted that some home insurance companies are starting to offer insurance plans to protect people from cyber crime. This is especially important for those who conduct business from home.

Hopefully, these home security tips help protect you from unnecessary costs. The key is to find ways to prepare for whatever life throws at you. Everyone knows that Murphy’s Law is more than a theory, and you should always be prepared.


By: Vincent Stokes