Your employees are an essential part of your company. They help get the day to day work done so that you can tend to more important things. It’s important to make your employees feel appreciated so that they continue to do the same good work as always. That’s why your best employees should get present for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries with the company, vocational success, or any other occasion that you deem worthy. However, what do you get your employees? Here are some great ideas on what to get your best employees as gifts.

  1. Book

While a book may seem like a boring present, books are an appropriate gift for the office, and you can even choose and inspirational book to encourage positive behavior in the workplace. Some popular titles include:

  • How to Win Friends and Influence People
  • Good to Great
  • Built to last
  1. Clothes and Accessories

If you’re looking to demonstrate a sense of class and wealth, Gucci for men is great gift option. Gucci offers a variety of clothing, accessories, and colognes for men that any employee would love to receive! Clothing can be difficult if you don’t know the exact size, but you can also get a belt, cologne, ties, jewelry, and a variety of amazing items. You can even send an assistant because anything that they pick out will be greatly appreciated. These options are also great for Secret Santa presents in the office. Plus, everyone does better at work when they are feeling their best. Getting a great present definitely helps people feel their best.

  1. Present for Children/Pet

Most people go to work every day so that they can support themselves and the ones that they love. The best way to connect with an employee is to get them a present that’s for their children or pet. Children love games and activities that the whole family can do together.If your employee has a pet, getting them a gift that their pet will enjoy is a great way to create a sincere relationship with your employee.


  1. Tickets to a Sports Event or Show

Too many times, people miss out on games and shows because of work and financial constraints. Release these constraints by giving tickets to a popular sports team or show in your area. Bonus points if you let them leave work early for the event. Also, it’s a good idea to get four tickets instead of two if you can.

  1. Gift Card

This is not the most exciting option, but it is effective. This allows people to buy themselves what they want, and it’s one size fits all. Plus, it makes it easy for people to regift if they forgot a present for their next party. Go with a store that has a large variety of items. You may also consider getting gift cards to restaurants.

  1. Electronics

We live in a technological world, and the more electronics we buy, the more come out. Get an mp3 player, laptop, headphones, smart watch, a fitbit, or a number of other items that are available now. This might require a bit of research to determine what your employees need and want, but, you are sure to find the right solution!

Without your employees, your company would fail. Show them that you understand the hard work that they do by giving them a good gift when appropriate. Your bond with your employees will only get stronger, and you will have more people wanting to work for you.


by: Sia Hasan