Small business owners can work with their sales teams to effectively compete with big brands in the market. The success of a company largely depends on the aggressiveness and performance of its sales representatives. It is the duty of the management to offer adequate training and motivation to its sales agents. As a small business owner, one should be keen when selecting sales representatives. Apart from communication skills, sales reps should have a thorough knowledge of the company’s product. It is important for the management to outline the company’s objectives and goals to sales performance.

Selecting A Winning Sales Team

To achieve the most from your sales team, small business owners should identify and select team members with the right skill set. It is crucial for business owners to communicate to the sales reps the strategies and methods they should use. An important factor to consider is an agent’s communication and negotiation skills as it is a vital requirement in sales. In the case of cold calling, you will need sales reps with experience in telemarketing. Also, sales agents with existing contacts within your target market would improve sales performance. Training and development programs can be taught to the representatives to build on their existing skills.

Individual Performance Measurement

Sales representatives are usually in teams that work toward a common goal. While each team’s performance is crucial to the company, it is important to emphasize the importance of individual effort. Sales agents should understand the importance of their individual contribution to the team as well as to the organization. As a small business owner, one should have a measurement system to regularly evaluate the representative’s performance. Sales agents will be motivated to improve their performance based on the evaluations.


While achieving the highest sales possible is important, sales agents should also be accountable for the sales numbers and target the met. Business proprietors should encourage their sales reps to keep track of the sales activities against the sales numbers.To get the most of your sales team, ensure to outline the sales-related activities that will likely meet the sales objective. Assign the activities to respective team members and according to their skill set.

Resource Allocation

When representing the company, sales agents will come across different types of client. Understandably, each client will be different regarding financial capabilities and commitment. For this reason, sales reps should learn to identify and categorize clients’ into various groups. To get the most from the sales team, business managers should ensure that the agents allocate appropriate resources to each client. For instance, the time and resources allocated to high-value client should be different from low-value ones. Competent representatives should learn to anticipate client’s investment value through their financial commitment to the company. It is also important to encourage sales representatives to keep track of each other’s movements while out on the field. A lot of time and money can be saved by coordinating field efforts through effective communication channels.

Passion Sells

Having the perfect product or brand is not enough to achieve success. Customers will be convinced to purchase a product that arouses their interest and is attractively presented. Maximum sales can be achieved by identifying your potential customers’ current needs and working towards fulfilling them. Alternatively,within the health industry for example, pharmaceutical sales training to your reps will bore fruits with regard to educating potential customers on how your product can be useful in their lives. Business owners should ensure that their sales agents comprehend every aspect of the business as well as the product. Most importantly, the reps should be passionate when informing potential clients about the particular products. Statistics show that customers often make purchases on their emotions.

Discourage Poor Performance

When working as a team, performance among team members will differ. Some members will perform much better than others. While individual sales performance may vary each month, it is important to note the agents who consistently record below average performance. As a business owner, you should attempt to identify their strengths and weakness. Encourage them to focus on their strong selling points to achieve the target sales. Lastly, a small business can benefit significantly by offering their sale reps regular training and development pragmas that will help them keep up with the competitive market.


The bottom line is, regardless of how SMEs strategize, the capital resource will at some point be limited. The best solution thus to cushion such firms is to best utilize the human resource so as to maximize reach, product or service popularity hence maximizing profits.


By: Lee Flynn