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Gardening: the Versatile Remedy for Mental Health

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We are surrounded by beauty and still we are not aware of it but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it. Now-a-days, in this busy life, a man gets up in the morning, he has hurry to reach his office at time where he works like robots and machines. He works hard to earn money and makes both ends meet. He has made his life a not piece of cake. He works from dawn to dusk. Due to his this continuous effort to achieve his goals makes him exhausting and irritating. It has also some negative effects on his health and his relationships. Although his busy and hectic schedule gives him fulfillment but he lacks to have some personal time to do something that he wants just for relaxing himself.

Odorous at sunrise and garden of beautiful flowers, provides him calm and cool environment where he can walk undisturbed and be able to get relief from his whole day worries. From his whole day robotic and mechanic life he suffers psychologically as well. Like he gets depression, feels blue at times and frustration. The lust for money commanded his mind and this lust kill slowly and painfully the one who trying to withholds it. To get relief from this plants are good for our mental health. The green and fresh environment also lowers the crime rate because in this calm environment the criminal feels psychologically relax and be able to think about what he is going to do? It is also good for torture victims because when they spend time outside in a garden with fresh flowers and fascinating environment they begin to recover. When they inhale the fresh air from the surrounding environment, they begin to feel relaxation

Gardening also helps in our professional career as well, for instance, when we grow a seed of rose, we take much care of it , then it turns into a beautiful flower which is the reward of our work and care. In the other work of our daily routine, it motivates us to achieve our goals. So the plants and the green environment is the source of our psychological development. Plants are the good therapy for psychological problems. Hence it is proved that if you have a garden than you have everything that you need..!!



By: Javeria Naseer

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