Customer retention is major. It’s something that you have to work on all the time to prevent a massive loss of people who make your business thrive. The following are five of the best customer service retention secrets that can get you through any rough patch that you can think of with your patrons.

  1. Throw Them Some Incentives

You don’t’ have to literally throw the incentives at them, but offer something to them that shows you appreciate for them as your long-term patrons. If you show appreciation to customers, they will likely be loyal to you. Many businesses give their customers rewards by having them sign up for cards that offer “thank you” discounts. Customers love to get discounts, so they often stay with businesses that have monetary rewards in their structure.

  1. Roll out the Red Carpet

The red-carpet treatment can convince even the meanest and grisliest person that your establishment is the best in the world. Every type of customers likes to be treated as if he or she is royalty. It’s just the right way to be. You can express this red-carpet treatment in a number of ways. You can do it by providing your loyal customers with “thank you” coupons.

You can give them 110 percent customer service when they come in, too. Thank them for their business with the highest level of sincerity. Ask them to come back when they are done with the interaction instead of assuming that they will come back. Give them an all-around positive shopper experience so that they will have no reason to go anywhere else. Business relationships are similar to marriages. Your customers won’t look elsewhere if you’re providing everything that they need.

  1. Offer A Short-Term Discount

There’s no customer in the world who doesn’t like a discount. If you get to the point where you think some of your customers may be leaving and not coming back, you can always try to counter that with a short-term discount. Sometimes, it takes more than a 50 percent discount to get a departing customer to stay. An effective tactic is to put the customer on a discounted plan for three billing cycles and see if that’s enough to get them to stay. During that three months, you must give that consumer stellar customer service so that he or she has a reason to stay after the discount is gone.

  1. Interact With Them on Social Media

Many consumers use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to post information. One way to keep your customers dedicated to using your brand is to communicate with them on social media. It’s convenient and personable to create a page that they can go to to get recent information about company or brand changes and voice their comments and concerns. It gives them a feeling that your business is getting on level with them instead of making them feel like they are lesser than the business. That feeling gives them a great reason to stay patrons.

  1. Survey Your Customers

Surveys are so crucial in business today because they let you know what’s going on in your customers’ heads. They allow you to make changes to your service or your offerings because they’ll give you an honest idea of how customers feel when they visit. Many businesses add survey links to their receipts, and some of them offer free meals or partial meals to their patrons who complete them. Offering the customers a little incentive to complete the survey is probably a good idea.

Those are just a few secrets to retaining your customers. The biggest thing is to stay on top of everything and check periodically to ensure that your customers are happy. If they’re not, you have to make the adjustments to change their frowns into a smile. You will be glad that you took the effort when you see all the profits.


by: Vincent Stokes