Responsible authorities in a business know that high employee turnover is not a favorable condition at all. What everyone misses or fail to realize is the reason behind it. Is it something that the HR hiring policy is to be blamed or something else? Something beyond than the stereo type thinking.

Those who have managed to attain a low employee turnover are succeeding at exemplary speed. We should learn from such business models and their policies should be an inspiration for others who want to go smooth on the road of success. Business theories are developed by the observations made on the basis of years of experience. This is the reason why one should give importance to the practical ground of a business rather than the theoretical.

This article aims to discuss 5 core reasons that take down the motivation level of employees in a business and this causes a direct impact on the performance factors. It is the performance of your employee that takes a business either on the road of success or destruction. This is the reason why these 5 factors are very important for everyone to know, understand and deal with in order to abstain from losing potential and honest employees.

  1. Managerial staff.

Sometimes the management which is responsible to boost up the motivation level in employees becomes the fundamental reason for employees to get demotivated. This occurs when higher management is itself insecure and sometimes in direct competition with the lower staff or employees. The best manager happens to be a leader whose subordinate loves to work for him. While a manager whose dirty politics spread frustration amongst workers in a work place will always result in employee demotivation.

Directors and Hierarchy should develop a relation with the subordinates directly in order to keep all the gates open for employees. They should never let the management become a hindrance between them and the employees.

  1. Unjust favors.

If you cannot treat the best performance with some rewards or bonuses then at least don’t prioritize an employee who is below the average performer. Those who perform well deserve favors and favoring them will indirectly persuade others to perform. Therefore we can easily understand that favoring someone who deserves is fruitful for the entire organization while at the same time if an unjust favoritism environment is created amongst the employees it will create an unease and depress working environment.

  1. Lack Of Appreciation.

Recognition of services is important. No matter if a fiscal incentive or compensation is not possible. What matters is the appreciation that an employee deserves. If that hard working honest and loyal employee who performs well and is known for his extra ordinary performance, is not recognized officially then this can take his motivation level down.

You can arrange verbal appreciation notices or recognition certificates every month to your employees and you will see that this will persuade others to become performers as well. When low performers see their colleagues being praised the will develop a will of performing better as well.

  1. Salary And Incentives.

A business entity that aims to excel in long term makes sure that their employees get their wages on time and their bonuses and incentives are always accurate. Such companies compromise on their net profits but never compromise on an employee’s fiscal benefit. Money is the best source of motivation as we all know.


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