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Five digital marketing trends to follow in 2017

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We are living in the era of digital technology where entrepreneurs get connected with their workforce, customers and stakeholders 24/7 via mobile devices and gadgets. Uninterrupted access is not only required for continuous communication, but also necessary to spread the word about products or services a vendor possess for consumers.

Technology has revolutionized the traditional marketing ways. Days are gone when print and electronic media were the sole sources to run a marketing campaign. Computers, internet, social media and smartphones have introduced the platform of digital media. Like all other advertising portals, digital media also follow few principles or trends to work in the favor of products and services presented by vendors. In fact, digital marketing has become a vital need for every business.

As it involves performing promotional activities on the web and social media, it demands business owners understand and adapt the rapidly changing technological trends.

Here I am sharing top five digital marketing trends every business owner should follow in 2017.

Facebook becomes a preferred choice over Twitter for B2B marketing
Having been emerged as the microblogging tool, this year Twitter have changed their status of social networking site into a news product that welcomes users to aggregate content. Today it has become a sole source to publish breaking news. As they are not focusing on marketing and lead generation, entrepreneurs should work with other platforms like Facebook.

This world famous social media platform is continuously offering more profit-earning opportunities. Their high-quality ads with powerful targeting features have won the race with Google Ads. Moreover, marketers can also reach prospective customers via Messenger chat bots.

In addition to all these exciting features, Facebook is also expanding their shop section to facilitate more brands to list their products on their page and permit direct purchases.

 Trusted reviews becomes necessary for validation

Brands always need reviews and word of mouth opinions to gain the trust of consumers. Ad campaigns fail to work solely unless real users don’t share their experience and feedback about the services they use. Why are experts strongly emphasizing to obtain positive feedback from actual users? Collecting reviews from local directories is not fulfilling the recent needs.

Search engines are using these feedbacks to recognize good and bad service provider. After observing this crucial role of customer feedback in brand recognition, business owners have incorporated special sections for feedback and reviews.

They are using them throughout their website from homepage, contact page to any other page as long as the review is relevant. Their feedback becomes your voice and prospective customers can easily find out the quality of products and services you have offered them.

However, fake reviews and fake news should be avoided as today’s buyers are very well aware of the authentic feedback platforms.

 Visual content becomes popular to increase organic and paid search
After becoming the craze in 2016, visual content still rests on the top when it comes to adding a more human touch in brands. Marketers are utilizing visuals very creatively without spending huge money to make these content pieces.

Their aim is to develop a right impression with a short but expressive content. Marketers carefully craft recipe videos, product videos to showcase the products and services clearly. In addition to that they are wonderfully using augmented reality for better user engagement.

Potential buyers will always love to visualize how the product or service will help them even before buying. Snapchat and Pokemon Go are the few examples showing the success of this idea. Finally, searching for the products or services via image search has also become popular these days due to its ultimate convenience it offers to users when they don’t find words or phrases to describe their search.

Amazon app is a good example using image search to facilitate its customers. If you have not included visual content in your marketing strategy this is the time to make it the part of your strategy in 2017.

Mobile friendly marketing becomes mandatory
In this era of smartphones and tablets, today more than 50% of users, use mobile devices for Google search. Mobiles have become an important gadget to discover information online. In order to maintain the users’ most preferred search engine, Google is launching a mobile-first index which will show mobile websites on priority. The recent algorithm rank websites on the basis of desktop crawl queries.

Irrespective of the nature of the device used. Once the mobile index becomes functional, mobile devices will show mobile friendly sites in search results and lower down the desktop version websites.

This shows the importance of optimizing websites for mobile devices. Websites who don’t possess mobile optimized version will face a sudden reduction in traffic, which also reduce lead generation. I am sure no one wants to miss valuable visitors and business after ignoring mobile sites.

Native ads or advertorials become necessary for natural visibility
Native ads and advertorials are being used to obtain natural visibility in the market. This marketing tactic doesn’t directly involve selling something, rather it aims to educate user after providing them a valuable information about something specific of their interest.

An indirect call-to-action is given within the content which is linked to the sponsor’s website. Forbes and BuzzFeed are two famous websites publishing this kind of editorials. If you are writing a native ad or editorial to publish on news website, you need to follow the style of that website.

It can benefit brands after recognizing them among the brands who only come up with conventional ads.

Summary: Strategies are always dynamic. When it comes to digital marketing strategy, marketers and entrepreneurs have to stay well-informed to identify how trends can affect their businesses.


By:  David R Harris

David R Harris is a logo designer at Logo Glaze where he is creates custom logo designs for startups and enterprises. He is a graphic designer by profession but also have a thing for writing about designing. He has an experience of more than a decade in the design and development industry and loves to help people achieve their dreams.

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