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Fashionista or fashion disaster? 5 fashion rules to live by

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Your wardrobe needs nothing more than stability. While it is okay to jump the trending bandwagon every once in a while, it can be risky too. This is because there is a fragile line between acing the in-fashion look or blowing it all up. And here is where you hang in the balance of becoming a fashionista or fashion disaster.

We often fall victim to our inner shopaholic’s whims, ending up getting clothes that are here to stay only seasonally. Once thrown out of the window, those attires would only remind you of the bucks that you spent on them. As of 2010, 3.5% of an average American household’s annual expenditure goes to footwear, apparel, and more related items.

Since we are nowhere near stopping spending, it is only best to ensure that we invest our money wisely. Top your collection with timeless pieces such as animal prints and leatherskinshop accessories that make you look great.

To keep fashion disasters at bay, here are five fashion rules that you should adhere to:

1.Hunt down a good tailor

Often, we spend a fortune on an attire but still don’t look like a million dollars. It is a pretty relatable situation that ruffles our feathers. And it’s definitely not about the shape of your body or about the minimal or maximum money that you’ve spent. It is about the perfect fit.

Just like a fairy Godmother who has a spell that can fix all distresses, a good tailor is your lifesaver. Whatever you get or wherever you get it from, your first stop should be your tailor. Perfect fitting is the necessary frosting on your cake. And only a tailor can help to adjust the dress to that perfect fit.

Jeanann Williams, celebrity stylist, elucidates, “You have to customize each look to make it work for your measurements and height.”

  1. It is not essential to follow every trend

One rule to have faith in is that everybody sets their own unique style statement. Following every other trend, whether it suits you or not, is akin to a multicolor portrait. It can either end up being appealing to the eye or a blunder altogether.

Some trends simply don’t suit us. Others can be straight up weird, for instance, the bare butt jeans that took over the trend list last year. Not so surprisingly, however, the trending fashion industry makes more than $20 billion in revenue every year.

Additionally, what is in vogue may not necessarily make you feel comfortable or confident. Research reveals that the off-shoulder look that trended between 2015-May 2016 had grown up by 347% in the US. Your heart might call for it but it is truly your shoulder set that gives the permission. Also, fashion slavery is not a budget-friendly option.

  1. Keep it balanced

Prevent your look from turning into fashion faux pas by keeping this rule in mind: Setting outfits together is a skill that is centered around putting together different sized outfits. For instance, if you opt for an oversized tee, you should pair it with skinny jeans. You can also dress the other way around with flowing bottoms and a slim fit top.

Follow this rule by keeping in mind your figure too. For example, skinny jeans are not meant for everybody. The same goes for turtlenecks. At the end of the day, it is your figure that calls the shots. Celebrity stylist, Erin Walsh, emphasizes the need to understand your figure.

She says, “Trapeze cuts are flattering for most body types if you balance the proportion so you don’t lose your shape. Also, an inch longer or shorter for skirts and pants can make a huge difference in flattering your figure.”

  1. Round-up the look with bright accessories

There is a thick chance that your wardrobe might be littered with neutral colors such as black, grays, and navy. In cases like that, update your look with bright accessories. The bright add-on updates your look with a lively hum to it.

The women accessories retail added up to $40.4 billion of retail value in 2017. These help to finely polish your look and speak volumes about your style. Hence, it is smart to choose your accessories wisely.

In fact, accessories can also help you to pick your next outfit’s color. Since you cannot simply dive into bright patterns and colors, accessories help to test the waters. Fashion blogger, Heidi Nazarudin recommends testing a color’s compatibility by first trying it on as an accessory.

  1. Less is more

Top-notch jewelry designers embed simplicity as a hallmark in their designs. You can take the same fashion tip from French women, who are known for their unique style statement. Not to forget, we have Coco Chanel’s word for it, “Before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory.”

All these people state the ‘less is more’ fashion trick loud and clear. It applies to your overall look, which means it includes the jewelry, texture, and patterns that you wear. If you embellish heavily, it works along the wrong path. Instead of accentuating your look, it masks it by fragmenting attention into distractions.

At the same time, heavy jewelry is considered gaudy. It is more like a neon sign calling for attention to the money you spent on the fashion item. Therefore, it is a good idea to stick to a minimal look that blends style with elegance.

Summing up, bearing these tips in mind will help you to stay on the fashionable side. After all, it is better to be safe from fashion blunders than sorry.


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