Step 1 – Prep. Beautifully smooth lips need to be exfoliated regularly to ensure even cover and long-lasting effects. Follow with a moisturising balm. A line filler applied along the lip line prevents feathering.

Step 2 – Smooth. Using a cotton bud, apply a little foundation along your lip border and blend. This creates the illusion of fullness, helps smooth your lip line and keeps your lipstick on longer. Blot very lightly with powder to set.

 Step 1Step 2

Step 3 – Line. Apply liner from the middle of the cushions of your lip to the outside border, covering your entire lip. Liner helps lipstick to stay on longer because it contains less wax.

Step 4 – Fill. Apply lipstick over lip liner with a lip brush, taking care not to go over the borders of your lips. Use the same colour as the lip liner so that the border is not obvious.

 Step 3Step 4

Step 5 – Blot. Blotting presses the lipstick onto the lip so that it stays on longer. Apply another layer of lipstick. If you want to accentuate the shape of your lips, apply a gloss to the middle of your lips. In winter, for a more downplayed glossy look, press your lips together after applying gloss.

Source:  EverydayMe