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Egyptian cartoonist respond on Blasphemous Cartoons of French paper

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An Egyptian newspaper has launched a campaign against the obscene cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad published by the French magazine.

Al-Watan, published 13 cartoons on Monday under the slogan “Fight cartoons with cartoons”.

One shows a pair of glasses through which the burning World Trade Center is seen, with the caption: “Western glasses for the Islamic world”.

The cartoons included one showing a white man accusing an angry, bearded man of being a terrorist until he sees he is from Israel and offers him a flower instead.

Two images of Arab men appear side by side.

One is wearing a hat and jacket and has a small beard; the other has a turban on his head and is baring his teeth through a long beard, while carrying a bloodied knife.

A torch with the American flag for a handle is pointed at the image of the man with the knife.


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