Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, has said that his passion for adventure and challenges prompted him to meet a problem he faced during a parachute jump last week in Dubai, head on.

Speaking to Editor-in-Chief of Arabic daily Emarat Al Youm, Sami Al Reyami, Sheikh Hamdan, who is an avid parachuter, disclosed how his parachute cords got tangled with each other due to strong winds, which could have led to major problems, but he kept his composure and was able to deal with the situation, landing safely on the 3,000-foot jump.

The critical situation showed Sheikh Hamdan’s great courage and speed of decision-making, where there was no time for hesitation, the report stated.

Sheikh Hamdan told Emarat Al Youm, “In such situations taking a decision can save the jumper, whereas delaying for seconds can lead to ominous results.”

Sheikh Hamdan added: “I could have simply taken the easy solution by using the alternative parachute.

“I looked at the problem from the perspective of a challenge that earns skills and additional experience, so I decided to confront the problem and deal with challenge.”

“I began immediately handling the problem manually and was able to solve the interwoven ropes and landed safely.”

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Source: Emirates 24/7