US government’s special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, visited Kabul on Thursday.

In an interview with the Associated Press (AP), Mr. Dobbins described his trip to be a regular visit.

Although, Bilateral Security Agreement between Kabul and Washington has been the most discussed issue now a days, major theme of Dobbin’s trip is said to be focused on the issue of reconciliation and the peace process. Mr. Dobbins emphasizes that Pakistan can play a helpful role which is relatively new and positive factor, suggesting that over time, there may be an opportunity.

In meeting with President Karzai, the issue of Security Agreement was raised, but according to Mr. Dobbins, there is not further progress on the matter.

“I’d have to say on the security agreement we didn’t really make any progress. It was sort of a restatement of the known positions.” James Dobbins, U.S. Special Envoy for Afghanistan. “I explained why we thought it was important to remove the anxiety, uncertainty around this as quickly as possible in order to move forward with the election process and to sustain the broad international coalition. I can’t say that the President really changed his position as has been expressed publicly as well as privately.”

According to Mr. Dobbins, discussions with the Afghans and Pakistani officials have been done on the release of Mullah Berader. But, further discussion is needed with both countries, for an appropriate way forward.

Mr. Dobbins visit included a one day stop in Islamabad, Pakistan and another day of visit to Kabul.