Spewing spewing spewing the

filth and detritus and residue,

Climate Change Smokers
Credit: Whatsupwiththat.com
the fallout poisoning self and all

arresting and silencing the ones who

speak out and have the nerve to

try to live in spite of all, when the aim

is the death of all. Smoking on and blowing it

all in the other’s face. Vichy Redux. And even

the idealism which created the first EPA…

notwithstanding….Hop on COP, do SOMETHING!!

Ask the smokers about adding pollutants to

the air and how it just becomes

commonplace, part of the environment

as it were. And all around the lies still

screaming, streaming, boiling, sucking us in

An evil cloud from below threatening to end life as we know it,

As some of us knew it…

Here. War games the only training for adulthood. What war game

scenario ever included normal people like students and farmers and storekeepers,

and jane and joe anybody who ask themselves what is the meaning of it all,

and scenarios which will always be expected to be there as a standard

when things get too confusing. But jane and joe are a 1974 tv

show and not life as it is now. The standard is abnormality itself.

That’s what “metal” “music” is really all about btw. In case you ever

wondered, as I have…

Blowing it out into the wind in an age of global warming is the picture and icon of irresponsibility. Attendees and visitors of the UN global warming conference in Paris are being arrested silenced and abused and hauled away. For BEING there. And smoking supporters are sponsoring that event. They are sponsoring all kinds of other ugly stuff too. Just look at the background advertising on the tv news clips and you’ll see them.

Is there any connection? Silencing attendees and spewing this one percent advertising that will guarantee the end of all we know…and soon!!?

We are what our betters DO. We see these as our “betters”…the ones putting on this show, so to speak.

Apparently this global stage spectacle is something to emulate if everybody hasn’t quit smoking ever since the first serious climate warming news came out in a big way. 1970’s? 1980’s?

Nobody who takes this stuff seriously would be a smoker.

So if you say you are disturbed by global climate change and still smoke, make a pitch to save the planet by quitting smoking and then tell your friends why they should too.

By: Marrow