Canada:11-year-old son streamed YouTube videos in Mexico

A B.C. dad is accusing Rogers of price gouging, after his 11-year-old son mistakenly racked up $22,000 worth of data charges on his father’s phone, during a family trip to Mexico.

“When I heard $22,000 and my son happened to hear $22,000, he went into a fetal position and was crying. It was just mind boggling for him,” said Matt Buie, who has an account with Fido, which is owned by Rogers.

Buie is a financial planner from Burnaby, who said he is paranoid about roaming charges. Before his family went on vacation in January, he said Apple store representatives advised him to switch his iPhone to ‘airplane mode’ to prevent roaming.

However, in Mexico, his son got a sunburn and was allowed to spend time playing video games in the family’s hotel room over the course of three days. He had games installed on the phone, but also streamed several hours of video.

“I made a mistake here — as his father — and he made a mistake. He turned off the airplane mode and was watching YouTube videos,” Buie said. “I should have taken the SIM card out… or not let him use the phone. That’s guilt that I have to live with. I clearly should have known better.”

Buie got a text message from Fido, saying his phone was being shut down “for security reasons” because of “excessively high” data charges.