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Best Training Solutions for your Software Company

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The effectiveness of training solutions used by a company can determine the level of productivity that can be reached within a given time. It is absolutely essential for employees to train in order to make the best of the skills that they possess because constant training can them upgrade their set of skills allowing them to tackle complex problems that they may not have been able to work on before. This is in the direct interest of the company because the up-skilled employee will be considered an asset, rather than a liability.

Zeolearn is an IT Training Solutions platform designed to upgrade an individual’s skill to a new level. They are available in more than 90 countries, which can enable you to train your external employees in various locations, they do not need to be necessarily sitting with you. The process is very user-friendly, with flexible timings and professional mentoring.

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What does it offer?

A variety of courses is offered at Zeolearn, which ranges from Web Development (AngularJS, JavaScript, HTML5, Ajax, and much more) to Marketing (App  Store Optimization, Digital Marketing etc.) and Programming (Python). There is something to suit everyone’s needs. A full list of courses is available here.


The Learning Process

Once you enroll for a course, you will realize that the learning process is paced in a way that is best suitable for the learners needs. There is a defined number of hours for each course along with mentor meetings as well. 1-hour demo classes are available for those who want to experience what online learning would feel like. Join here.


What makes it Special?

Speaking about Mentor meeting, here at Zeolearn, you do not only learn what a textbook offers. Instead, there are industry experts available to help you understand and overcome challenges through examples and live projects.


A Practical Approach

Practicality is very important considering how real life is different than text books. Zeolearn allows you to sit through sessions of live coding, which allows you to see a practical side of things, and visualize actual results of your work.

There is a lot of practicing involved in order to perfect the skills of the learners. These exercises allow you to grasp concepts and see how you need to execute projects.


Industry Project Work

Other than learning the predetermined course, this platform provides you the opportunity of an industry project, through which you can gain confidence through showing your learned talent. This can enable future employers to see the skills that you present, which as a result could be beneficial for your employee’s future career goals.

 An Opportunity for Growth

There are regular meetings with members held for work review. In this way, you can get help, in theory, or in your practical. Other than this the meet and greet sessions with the specialists of the industry help you draw inspiration from them, as they are the ones actually working on what you are still training to do, making their advice and feedback extremely important.
How will this benefit your Company?

This way the people that need to be trained are not only learning through a set text. Zeolearn is making them grow and understand what it is like to work in a practical environment. This creates confidence in the learner to take on complex situations thrown at him.

Firms spend a considerable amount on training their employees, but even after that, they may not be ready to dive into projects that the company works on. Through Zeolearn, your company saves the money and time spent on training the workers to understand the different kinds of projects, because they are already aware of how they are supposed to tackle them. This also reduces the chances of confusions and mistakes that may cause hindrances in the projects at hand.


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