The Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) Thursday presented a four-year blueprint to attract investors into Afghanistan with a hope that plan will be funded by international donors.

AISA officials said that they have presented the blueprint to the donors, telling them that they need to fund these projects if they are to see the country stand on its own feet.

The plan includes the creation of industrial parks, awareness programmes for attracting investors, vocational training centers, a fund to support investors, and other methods of encouraging donors to invest in Afghanistan’s private sector.

“We project our plan will cost around $200 million. If the donor countries want Afghanistan to stand on its own feet they should fund the projects. Most of the donors have promised to fund it after some assessment,” AISA chief Wafiullah Eftkhar said.

Head of the Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance Zdravko Shami welcomed the plan.

“It is a four-year $100 million dollar project that targets the development of the private sector in Afghanistan. The main focus of the project activities will be the development of private sector alliances and developing and introducing new technology, new techniques, new productions to facilitate the development and generation of new jobs and generation of income, facilitating domestic production, and expanding exports,” he said.

The officials said that the lack of standard industrial parks is a big challenge against investment in the country. They believe that the plan will pave the way for up to $2 billion in investment if the projects can find donors to build the initial phases.