Afghanistan’s religious clerics and political parties have strongly condemned the statement of Pakistan’s Islamic leadership supporting suicide attacks as long as US forces are present in the region.

The Afghan Ulema Council rejected the position of their Pakistani counterparts who told TOLOnews earlier this week that suicide attacks are permitted in Afghanistan against US forces.

“The words of the head of the Pakistani clerics – who considers suicide attacks in Pakistan as Haram [religiously prohibited] and the ones in Afghanistan as Halal [religiously permitted] – has all the qualities of [Pakistan’s] intelligence matters. There is no such thing in Islam,” said Shahzada Shahid, spokesman of Afghan Ulema Council, Saturday.

The Pakistani clerics last week released a statement saying recently that if Muslims have no nuclear weapons, they can sacrifice their lives for the sake of God, suggesting that suicide attacks against the US forces in Afghanistan would be considered permissible.

The National Coalition has described the Pakistani’s statement as an historic betrayal that will not be forgotten, saying they have clearly indicated they support the insurgent groups who are involved in killing the innocent.

“The Ulema Council, people and the government of Afghanistan should respond to these treacherous remarks by Pakistan. Such Fatwas are plotted to destroy Afghanisan,” said Abdullah Abdullah, head of National Coalition.

“They shouldn’t stay quiet against Fatwas that are issued for destruction of Afghanistan and provoking the war.”

National Front also spoke out against the statements, saying that the neighbouring clerics have long used religion as a tool for Pakistan to achieve its grim aims.

“Pakistani mullahs have spoken fallacies from religion, from Islam. They have always put religion to serve politics,” said Ahmad Zia Massoud, head of National Front.

“The religiosity of Pakistani mullahs is an unethical religiosity – they endeavor to reach their goals through violence and war,” he added.

Massoud also criticised the silence of the Afghan government on the subject, saying it was not capable of defending the country.

Afghan cleric Mawlawi Abdulhadi Hedayat suggested that the biggest problem among Muslims is the differences in their mullahs’ opinions, to which the people of Afghanistan have fallen victim for three decades.

“Pakistani clerics have constantly attempted to boost war and violence in Afghanistan by using religion and Islam as a tool,” he said.

Last month, Islamabad and Kabul agreed to hold a regional clerics conference on the matter of suicide attacks as well as discussing the peace process of Afghanistan.

The Pakistani clerics rejected their attendance via a letter sent to Afghanistan saying that the Taliban should have been included in such a conference and added that suicide attacks were permissible as long as the US forces were in the region.