The Afghan National Cricket Team defeated Zimbabwe in their last of four one day international matches they played in the southern African nation this week. Afghanistan won the match with 100 runs.

The ODI was played in the Zimbabwean city of Bulawayo. Of the four games played between the two countries, Afghanistan lost the first two, but won the last two. The national team will play its first test match with Zimbabwe on Sunday.

In the last match, Afghanistan started batting first and set a target of 259 runs to the opponent team. The Zimbabwean team then failed to chase the runs and lost all its players in 38 overs.

Kabul residents showered their team in praise upon learning of the victory.

“I congratulate the people of Afghanistan for the victory and it is only because of the blessing of the holy month of Ramadan that we won two games,” Kabul resident Edris told TOLOnews. “Inshallah they will bring the cup to Afghanistan.”

The ODI matches were scheduled in preparation for the 2015 World Cup in Australia, which will be Afghanistan’s first time participating in the prestigious tournament.

“These competitions will help Afghanistan perform in the 2015 World Cup in Australia, Afghan players will participate in the games with high morale,” a resident named Nurul Haq said.

Although success in cricket is relatively new for Afghanistan, the national team has received widespread support, especially since it qualified for the World Cup last fall.

“This is good news, Zimbabwe is a very professional team while Afghanistan has only ten years experience, we are very happy,” another Kabul resident named Obaidullah said.

Fourteen nations will take part in the 2015 World Cup. Afghanistan is expected to face teams from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Britain, Scotland, New Zealand and Australia.