Canadian-Pakistani singer Adnan Sami, who has been in the news for reportedly getting a notice from Mumbai police for staying illegally in India, says he is a law abiding citizen and has followed due procedure and applied for an extension for his visa on September 14.

“This is to inform all concerned that my visa did expire on October 6, 2013. As per standard rules, I had made an application for extension of my visa to the concerned department of the Ministry of Home Affairs [MHA] in New Delhi on September 14, 2013,” Adnan said in a statement on Tuesday.

“This is a standard procedure that is followed by all foreigners and I have been following it for the past 14 years. Hence this year is no different. Until the visa extension is granted, I have to be in India as I cannot leave,” he added.

According to reports, Adnan was on Tuesday served notice by the Mumbai police for staying on an expired visa.

“The Mumbai Police is very much aware of my situation… The important part is that I have followed procedure as per routine since I respect all procedures, and have followed them throughout my 14 years of residence in India and will always continue to do so as a law abiding citizen,” said the singer.

His visa expiry date came to light during a court hearing with his ex-wife Sabah Galadari over possession of a duplex flat in Lokhandwala complex. A political party in Mumbai had earlier demanded he be deported.

source: gulfnews