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“285?! Just 285 runs?! This is an ODI, you have 50 overs, you should’ve made 320 or more! This is a very low score, 300 plus would have been better.”

“You made a century? Good! Now continue to a one and a half century and than a double century.”

“Let me tell you something, Pakistan’s match is never against another team – it is with itself!”

“Pakistan can win all matches it plays. Anytime, anyhow, anywhere. We’re just not capable of it.”

If you’re a Pakistan team fan, you know very well who I’m going to talk about, given those dialogues. Yes, indeed it is none other than our very own Shoaib Akhtar.  He is a person who is extremely hyper, jumpy, over reactive and a person to who nothing is nor will ever be enough.

Even if a score of 285 has been made by a team like Pakistan, that has a hopeless batting order, than to the team’s fans it is equivalent to a score of 350 made by Australia or England. A century is something Pakistani batsmen do not make very often, and here he is asking for a 150 and 200?! Unbelievable.

You sure you’re talking about the team green, Mr. Akhtar?

Oh and Mr. Pindi Express, just like it takes two hands to clap and just like a coin must have two sides to be tossed, a match must be and is always played between two sides.

Incomprehensible is the word used to describe his last dialogue. If Pakistan is a team that can a win a match anywhere, anyhow, anytime than that makes it capable of doing so. How can you not be capable of something that you are capable of? That’s confusing. Due to his incomprehensible and sometimes illogical and pointless comments and statements, I have been forced to think whether the premature and unfair end of his career has taken its toll on him.

Whether it’s being downright honest on calling Saeed Ajmal “paindu” or Afridi a “stupid Pathan”, Shoaib Akhtar has said and done it all without any fear or constraint (the man speaks his heart out, literally).

The next time you want to teach your school bully a lesson, give Shoaib Akhtar AKA Rawalpindi Express a ring.


By:  Fatima Arshad


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