The hacker group known as Anonymous released a file on Friday containing about 13,000 passwords, it claims.

The stolen account information was posted to Internet file sharing site Ghostbin.

That’s not the biggest password hack we’ve ever seen. With millions of passwords in use for sites around the internet, chances are, yours is not among these 13,000.

But these accounts come from a variety of online sources, the Anonymous claims, some of them really popular.

DailyDot’s Aaron Sankin sifted through the file and discovered the leaks came from the following sites:

PlayStation Network
Xbox Live
Hulu Plus

The file also included the accounts of a number of dating and porn sites, and it appears to have some passwords for a popular security program known as CyberGhost, which protects you from a hacker snooping on you when you use public WiFi hotspots… see more

source: businessinsider