Top 6 Characteristics of a Strong Resume:

People write resumes so that they can present their background information and skills to another person for various considerations. In most cases, resumes are used for screening a person to determine their suitability for an advertised position in an organization. Human resource managers are tasked with interviewing job applicants and analyzing their resumes. Some of them don’t have the skills to identify a quality resume. This article has indicated some of the main aspects that characterize a quality resume. These are a few of the Top 6 Characteristics of a Strong Resume.

  1. Keywords

This is an emerging feature that is being used by recruiting agencies to identify a quality resume. Companies are using Applicant Tracking Systems which are applications that determine whether a resume has the necessary keywords that match the ones indicated in the job description. Recent research shows that employers are rejecting more than 75% of job applicants through keywords. You can hire services of resume writers for less than $100 where you will get a resume that has keywords that match those in the job description for you to secure a face-to-face interview.

  1. Short Paragraphs

A feature that separates quality and average resumes is the size of the paragraph and the length of the sentences. The length of the paragraph is a determining factor as no person will sit there to read your ‘novel’. You should ensure that all the information in your resume and answers to the questions and gapes demonstrated in the job description. Paragraphs should have 3-4 short sentences while at the same time ensuring that all the critical details that could prove decisive are bolded so that they can attract attention and be easy to remember.

  1. Branding Headline

This is a quality feature that is not seen on most resumes that are written by prospective people who want to be employed. A quality resume focuses on ensuring that it informs the employer who the person is and what his specific qualities are. For example, a quality resume should have a branding title ‘Marketing Specialist’ followed by the breakdown of particular marketing skills such as social media marketing, content generation, and user experience. Branding headline will set you apart from an average job hunter whose resume does not have a branding headline.

  1. Core Competencies

This is a quality factor that is mostly ignored in most of the resumes, especially the ones written by fresh graduates who have not learned the art of writing resumes. Job hunters always have a section that contains information about their competencies, but you will find very few resumes that have a core competencies section. A quality resume should have a section that details some specific skills and competencies that are not common to all such as data analysis by the use of software such as SPSS. This will act as a tie-breaker, especially when two prospective job hunters seem to match in almost everything.

  1. Full Disclosure

A resume is a document that talks more about a person. Therefore, any person analyzing a resume should determine its quality by checking whether it has full disclosure about the person under consideration. A quality resume should present in details and conciseness all the identifying information such as career objective, references, education background, skills and competencies, and job experience among others. Employers are not able to evaluate a person if the resume does not contain all the identifying details highlighted above. Always ensure that a resume includes all the identifying information and that all the information is presented in details and accuracy it deserves.

  1. Format

Three formats are used as the threshold for determining whether a resume is of high quality or low quality. These approved formatting methods include the functional format, chronological format, and the highbred between functional and chronological formats. The method to be used is highly influenced by the information that one wants to include.

A quality resume should observe the above strategies so that it can stand out among other resumes that have been presented for the same job. It is the role of the human resource manager to determine whether a resume is of high quality or low quality by considering the above features. If you want to be successful then must apply these Top 6 Characteristics of a Strong Resume


by: Sia Hasan