Autism is a mental condition, which presents itself in early childhood. This condition affects communications skills and impairs social interaction. Persons with autism usually display repetitive or compulsive behavior. Many autistics usually show signs of being prodigies with unusual genius type abilities.

It is therefore important that children with autism be exposed to environments conducive to their development. This includes loving and patient caregivers, the right toys and safe surroundings.

There are toys specially made for children with this disability. Below are the four best toys for autistic children.

1. Fidget Toys
Fidget toys have been an effective autism treatment for a long time;they can help regulate children’s sensory system. There are many available of fidget toys in terms of colors, textures and shapes in the market. For instance, you can find at National Autism Resources the ultimate Fidget Set that includes Super Sticky Starfish, Porcupine Ball, Stretchy Frogs, Bendy Man, Tactile Atom Ball, Tangle Therapy, Inside Out Ball, Squiggliest Sensory Bracelet, Moody Face. The set receives many good reviews from its customers.

2. The Wikki Stix Activity Set

The Activity Set from Wikkistix is a great toy for developing motor skills for autistic kids. It is the parent’s choice classic toy award winner. There is no glue involved and no mess when children play it. And your child will be occupied for hours and having fun. There is no wrong or right way to play this toy so that children can freely create things.Purchase an Activity Set, you can have in your hand 84 WikkiStix in 16 colors, handy storage bag, multi-use play board and 8-page booklet of ideas and illustrations.

3. The Kanoodle
The Kanoodle is also one of great toys for autistic kids. This is a three dimensional puzzle game which helps in the child’s mental development. This toy is very versatile and even children without autism will benefit from playing with it. Children use a variety of interconnected spheres to create structures similar to what the Kanoodle book has. These structures vary from simple to complex and come in bright cheery colors.

4. Soothing Volcano Lamp
Do you know that children with the autism like to see visually interesting items? And Soothing Volcano Lamp is one of those. It is not only ideal for calming your child especially after an outburst; it also can serve as a point of focus and is great for use as a nightlight. Is that great?
You can buy toys for online from many stores such as Toys-R-Us,, Fisher-Price, Kidrobot, Target, CP Toys, Adam Eve Toys, Leap Frog and many other stores.