15. Statue of Kuan Yin on Xiqiao Mountain, China

The statue of Guanyin, located on Mount Xiqiao, in the Nanhai District of Foshan, Guangdong, China has a total monument height of 253 feet. (Wikimedia Commons)

Built to honor influential leaders and historical events, majestic statues grace the skylines of countries around the world. Many of them tower over their cities and gain fame in their own right, while weathering the elements over years and decades.

Recently, India made headlines when officials announced ambitious plans to build the world’s tallest statue, a gigantic 597ft-tall tribute to one of the country’s founding fathers, Sardar Patel. The total cost of the statue is estimated at $300 million, according to AFP. While India’s “Statue of Unity” won’t be complete until 2017, there are still many mighty monuments worth seeing and visiting. Here, we look at 15 of the world’s tallest statues.

Located on one of the four famous mountains of China’s Guangdong province, the statue of the Buddhist deity Kuan Yin stands a grand 203ft tall (252ft with its pedestal). The statue was built at a height of 61.9 meters because it is believed that Kuan Yin achieved enlightenment on June 19, according to China Travel. Near the peak, visitors can view other Kuan Yin statues on exhibition.