LEEDS, UK — British designer Henry Holland unveiled a 50 ft. long silk gown of red and yellow polka dots dress at a ceremony Thursday at the new Trinity Leeds shopping center in Leeds, England; it sets the new world record for the Longest dress, according to the World Record Academy: www.worldrecordacademy.com/.longest dress world record set by designer Henry Holland.

Guinness World Records recognized the world record for the largest dress; it measures 150 metres (492 ft 1 in) long and 50 metres (164 ft) wide and was created by Strecy Sankhe (India).

The Guinness world record for the longest wedding dress train measured 2488.65 m (8,164 ft 10 in) and was created by Lichel van den Ende (Netherlands).

“It’s not a dress like any other I’ve created before,” Holland said in a video about the project.

“It’s more of a spectacle and a show piece.”

The world’s longest dress — presented by former Cirque du Soleil performer Colette Morrow — measures more than 1500 sq. ft. wide.

Holland said the layered structure of the dress was inspired by insects and their wings. The gown is adorned with thousands of tiny Swarovski crystals.

Morrow emerged from a gigantic gift box in front of the crowd, as silk trains attached to the dress stretched across the mall’s atrium.

source: world record Academy